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Shag Rug Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home

Shag Rug Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home

Shag rugs are back, and they belong in your home. Whether you're decorating your living room or bedroom, a shag rug can provide an extra dose of cozy. These ideas will help you find the perfect spot for a shag rug in your house.

Glamorize Your Living Room With a Shag Rug

White shag rug styled in a glam living room

Do you feel like your carefully decorated living room is missing something? Shaggy rugs for living rooms can infuse your space with comfort and warmth. The luxurious feel of a shag rug can make any room feel more fancy. Get ready to slip off your shoes and bury your toes in the plush pile. Believe us, you’ll love what shag rugs can bring to your home. For more tips on area rugs to fit your taste, check out this guide on The Best Area Rug Styles to Try.


Treat Your Feet With a Fuzzy Shag Rug Under Your Desk

Cream patterned shag run placed under a desk.

Your home office is the room in your house where you need to be able to focus and relax for ultimate productivity. A shaggy rug under your desk is the perfect accent to bury your feet in while you send emails or balance spreadsheets. Since your under-desk rug will get minimal traffic and only see bare feet, ivory is a maintainable option. With a fuzzy rug this nice, working in your home office will feel like you’re in the lap of luxury.


Lay a Shaggy Accent Rug Bedside for Warm Toes

White shag area rug layed under a bed Image Provided by Ann Ueno

That first step out of the bed in the morning can be a hard one to make when a cold wooden floor awaits you. Ease into the day with a cozy bedroom area rug that gives you a soft spot to land when you jump out of bed. Plus, the added cushion helps protect your bed frame from your floors and vice versa.


Pick a colorful plush rug for kids rooms that doubles as a soft play area and go with a simple patterned style for the master bedroom. With floors this cushy, you’ll be in for a good day no matter which side of the bed you wake up on.


Create a Soft Landing With a Shag Rug in the Nursery

Gray shag area rug in a boy's nursery

With high pile and soft, touchable fibers, a shag rug is a perfect landing spot for babies as they learn and grow. Your little one will love tummy time on a shag rug they can grasp and pet. Shag is soft enough for tiny knees as they learn to crawl too. It will still offer plenty of cushion for the inevitable tumbles that come when your baby is learning to walk. Make sure to choose a versatile color for the nursery for an easy transition to a childhood room.


Relax While You Read With a Fluffy Rug in the Den

White and gray pattern flokati shag area rug in den.

Your den is where you go to relax and enjoy yourself. Nothing says “relax” better than a flokati rug. A flokati shag rug is a handmade rug crafted from wool. They can be dyed any color, which gives you plenty of options to choose from to match your surrounding decor.


Create a cozy paradise with an ultra-soft shag rug placed at the the foot of reading chairs. If you want a look that’s a little edgier, try a leather shag rug. Leather shag offers the same high-impact texture as a wool shag without the shedding.


Roll Out a Shag Runner to Soften the Hallway

Blue shag runner rug placed in a hallway

Shag rugs aren’t only for big rooms. They can add much-needed color and texture to the small spaces in your home too. A retro shag runner in your hallway will stand out and can muffle the sounds of foot traffic.


No matter where you decorate with shag rugs, they always add a piece of comfort and visual flair. Don’t worry if the high-traffic space gets your runner dirty. Our guide on How to Clean a Shag Rug will have it looking as good as new in no time.


Use a Shag Rug to Accent Your Bathroom Vanity

Shag faux fur accent rug laid under a bathroom vanity

Feel extravagant and stylish as you do your makeup with a vanity stool that rests on a plush shaggy cloud. A shag rug sets the stage for a space that’s all about indulgence. It warms a cold tile or hardwood floor so you can primp in total comfort. Choose one that exudes complete luxury so you can get ready for the day like a star. Makeup artist not included.

We hope these shag rug ideas already have you feeling cozy and pampered. Do you have any lingering shag-rug-related questions? Read Everything You Should Know About Shag Rugs to get some answers.