How to Decorate with a Large End Table

Large end table next to sofa
Adding a decorative end table to your living room is a smart and classy move. End tables are elegant, stylish and convenient. Putting a table next to your sofa or recliner gives you a place to set your favorite books, magazines and coffee mug. When you add an end table to your living room there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to help it fit the rest of your living room furniture. A large end table will add a sophisticated look and feel to your living room. They're easy to add, but there are a few rules you should follow. Keep reading for more tips and ideas on how to decorate with a large end table.

Large end table next to sofa





Measure Your Available Living Room Space

Make sure that you measure your living room before buying a large end table. A large end table should fit the size of your sofa and complement it. An end table that sticks out past the sofa’s arm makes it difficult for living room traffic to flow smoothly. You or your guests may run into or bump a living room table that sticks out. Also, if the size of your end table and your sofa or recliner clash it makes your living room look chaotic and messy.


Match Your Living Room Furniture Style

Make sure you match your new end table to the rest of your other living room furniture. A large end table will definitely catch your guests’ eyes you’ll want to make sure that it comfortably fits into the rest of your living room scheme. Match the color and style as close as possible for a smooth fit.



While a large end table with elaborate scrollwork and other decorative etchings is beautiful, furniture with too much embellishment can overwhelm a small room. Instead, try adding a large end table with clean, sleek and simple lines. If your living room is big enough then a large and ornate end table will add and compliment the room.


Balance the Room

Balance out your furniture with two end tables instead of just one. A solitary large end table on one end of your sofa will not only make your sofa look off balance but the entire living room.


Use Caution When Adding Accent Pieces

Be careful of how much you store or display on the top of your table. A large end table has a lot of table top space but take care that you don’t overcrowd the top of your end table. You’ll also need to make sure that your accent pieces are compatible size wise. A too-small accent piece will look out of place on a large end table. At the same time, one that is too big or ornate will distract your eyes from your beautiful end table.

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