How to Decorate With a Chaise Lounge

How to Decorate With a Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge chair is the embodiment of treating yourself. But while the classic chaise inspires images of sophisticated monarchs or actresses in oversized sunglasses crying out for martinis, there’s a wide variety of chaise styles to suit just about any design style. Here’s what you need to know to decorate with a chaise lounge in your own space.

What is a Chaise Lounge?

A chaise lounge, or “long chair,” is exactly that — an elongated chair typically stretching about five to six feet. It’s an extremely expressive element of decor, perfect if you’re looking to add more drama, dimension, and mystique to your space. It’s the type of chair that makes you feel like somebody should be fanning you and feeding you grapes. Not to mentions a relaxing place to stretch out.

Why Choose a Chaise Lounge?

A chaise has more attitude than an accent chair — and more seating space. By demanding more room, it’s also more indulgent and stylistically ambitious. However you pronounce it – chase or shays – this type of seating is an ode to luxury.

Match the Shape of Your Chaise to Your Home Style

Curved or flat, a chaise is irresistible to the passerby.It’s half bed, half chair design makes for an  instant intrigue in your space. Whether you’re looking for parlor seating that’s glamorous and stately, or a comfy place to stretch out with your tablet, there’s a style of chaise for your home.

Contoured Chair

This type of chaise is a dream come true during those blissful afternoons where you drift between good books and good wine. With curvaceous, classical forms out of Egypt and Greece, a contoured chaise lounge chair is a major style swerve. Its flowing, soft shape is beautifully invitational and body-hugging.

Bench Sofa

It’s common for this flat style of chaise to take up a tranquil presence in front of wide windows. This leaves the view open while providing a relaxing place to enjoy the scenery. To make the most of those moments, opt for a storage chaise so you can keep pillows and magazines close by. Bench sofas also make great additions to entryways for pulling on shoes and stashing winterwear.

Victorian Chaise

Drape yourself across this stunning sculptural sanctuary. The Victorian chaise is your classic fainting couch with a sloped back. The provocative shape gives the impression that any space surrounding this chair is refined and cultivated. If you’re going for that upscale elegance, lean on the opulence of bolster pillows or the formality of scrolled arms.

French Chaise

Also called a Recamier, the long, angled back of this chaise will have you feeling ready to pose for one of Jack’s paintings. Picture immaculate wood carvings and extravagant fabric. This chaise has a high headrest, giving it an asymmetrical swoop. The vintage shape keeps thing romantic, prim, and ladylike, which is perfect for a glam interior or for providing a unique contrast in a funky, eclectic space.

Duchess Brisee

The duchess brisee chaise is divided into two sections. Part chair and part footstool, this type of chaise is great for a nursery or living room where you’re nestled in with your throw blanket, flipping through photo albums or reading to the kids. In the den, this is the ideal office chair to work from home. You’re upright but can still put your feet up.

Contemporary Chaise

With a crisp, frill-free structure, a contemporary lounge chair is perfect for clean, meditative spaces. To keep things looking minimal and functional, pair this sleek lounge chair with large scale art and marble accents. These loungers often come in bolder colors with metal legs, so they’re great for bringing a striking, noble strength to your space.

Match Your Chaise Materials to Your Lifestyle


For family-friendly seating, look to hypoallergenic, stain-resistant upholstery like microfiber and leather. Willing to go a little less durable? Linen, cotton, or wool can also inspire gentle, soothing vibes. If your home life is tasteful and composed, splurge on a moody silk or velvet upholstery. You can pair any of these materials with lavish pillows and your favorite candles to feel like you’re snoozing on a feathery cloud.


Frame material will also factor into your aesthetic. For example, the exotic vibe of tropical frames made from wicker or rattan can complement a nomadic, carefree vibe. A chaise with metal legs will lend more of a polished tone.

Wood is your go-to chair foundation because it’s so common, stable, and versatile. That being said, light wood stains feel fresher, so they’re more suitable for airy Scandinavian or coastal designs. The homey richness of dark woods tends to shine more in traditional or rustic spaces.

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