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How To Decorate Outside for Fall

How To Decorate Outside for Fall

Fall is in the air, and it’s natural to crave comfort as the temperatures drop and days shorten. Some people go all-in on outdoor harvest decor, bringing out hay bales and corn stalks to capture a farm setting. Others prefer elegant simplicity, displaying delicate white pumpkins and a few pots of mums. When you need ideas for decorating for fall for outside, find the right mix of fall yard decor with our inspiration below.


Embrace the Season With Decorative Pumpkins

decorative pumpkins

Anchor your display with pumpkins, a classic sign of autumn and one of the easiest ways to decorate for fall. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect. Wide, flat, tall, and lopsided pumpkins all add character to your fall yard decorations (and plastic or woven options won’t rot). Pile pumpkins into a wagon for a freshly harvested look, or cluster them beside a tree to draw the eye to your property. As it gets closer to Halloween, carve the gourds and pop flameless candles inside — they’ll stay lit even in the wind — adding a glow to your autumn scene.


Decorative glass pumpkins are a popular fall decorating trend, lending sophistication to your display. White, frosted or clear glass pumpkins reflect sunlight to add sparkle to your porch. Black pumpkins offer a sleek, modern look, while pink and gold glass pumpkins have playful appeal. You can even tuck glass pumpkins among natural ones for a visual surprise.


Add a Seasonal Wreath to Your Front Door

autumn wreath

Make an instant shift to autumn by hanging a wreath on your front door. Choose one with your favorite autumn elements to bring a smile to your face each time you come home: Pine cones and acorns evoke the feeling of a walk in the forest, while yellow sunflowers add a splash of brightness to energize your day.


Whether you choose a large wreath adorned with bronze and orange leaves or a delicate circle of pale green eucalyptus, this piece of fall decor adds effortless pizzazz to your entrance. Feel like the ultimate, pulled-together host as you swing your door wide open to welcome guests inside.


Get Creative With a Harvest Display

harvest display

Transform a plain entryway into a cheerful entrance that has you dreaming of hayrides and apple ciders all season long. Use hay bales as a base for your outdoor fall decorating, evoking a rural setting even if you’re in the city. Corn stalks, sunflowers, and scarecrows lend height to the scene, while a wheelbarrow filled with firewood brings the rugged feel of a farm to your yard.


A bushel barrel of shiny red apples is a fun touch — the kids can pluck fruit from the basket for a “just-picked” snack on the way to a playdate. Autumn also means the sun is going down a little earlier, so consider a string of twinkle lights on your porch for a gentle radiance when you come home at night.


Change Your Color Schemes

autumn color schemes

Give your outdoor seating area an affordable fall makeover by changing the seat cushions and outdoor rug to textiles with deep fall colors. Burgundy, deep orange, brown, red, and gold signal the arrival of autumn, and conjure up images of sun-kissed fall foliage.


Usher in the new season with green and orange leaf-print cushions to complement your outdoor sofa. A cream-and-red plaid is also a timeless fall pattern, calling to mind the thick, warm flannel worn by hunters and lumberjacks in the forest.


Stay Warm With a Fire Table

fire pit

Once you’ve made your outside fall decorating ideas a reality, extend your patio season with a fire table so you can enjoy your space to its fullest. Invite your book club to gather around the flames as you enjoy the latest best-seller and drink mulled wine. You can even use your fire table or a small tabletop firepit for roasting marshmallows with your little ones, creating memories they’ll treasure for years.


Keep Cozy Outdoor Blankets On Hand

cozy blanket

Dial up the coziness factor with a basket of fleece blankets on your porch. This is your chance to play with the deep reds, bright oranges and vibrant patterns you love. These bolder colors might not complement your living room, for example, but they perk up a porch on an autumn evening. Enjoy a warm apple cider with neighbors while you watch the kids play, and hand out the flannel blankets to snuggle into when the chill sets in.


Add a Fun Phrase to Your Front Porch

festive sign

Quippy sayings such as “Happy Harvest” or “Hello Fall” tie your outdoor decorations together with a punchy caption. Greet visitors to your home with a rustic wood sign leaning by your front door. Or, for fall outdoor decorating that’s easy on the budget, consider a pillowcase with a seasonal slogan. Combine it with a distressed farmhouse-style chair draped with a homey checkered throw blanket. You’ll complete the cozy scene, hinting at the welcome awaiting you inside.


Plant a Fall-Friendly Garden

fall porch

When your summer blooms have faded, opt for a garden bed of lush fall flowers. Chrysanthemums, poppies, and goldenrod will infuse color into your yard throughout the season. Choose vivid shades of yellow, orange, and burgundy to echo the foliage on trees, and tuck a smiling scarecrow garden stake among the plants to amuse passers-by.


For instant color, buy chrysanthemums already in bloom — white and deep purple hues add contrast to autumn foliage. Place a container on each step of your porch to guide visitors to your entrance or cluster them in a trio for a showy accent at the door. Opt for artificial plants in lieu of live ones for low-maintenance decorating.


Create a Rustic Window Box

fall garden

Choose a rustic window box to adorn your window sill, porch railing, or privacy fence. Dark wood tones or woven rattan echo the earthy feel of fall. Instead of filling the box with flowers, draw inspiration from the abundance of autumn. Arrange gourds of different shapes and colors to reflect the plentiful harvest, and layer in textures that echo the beauty of nature: the sharp silhouette of a pine cone, the soft buds of a pussy willow branch, or airy wisps of moss. Other natural materials, such as twine, burlap, and balls made of rattan round out the display.

Decorating for fall is about creating a warm welcome in your home, hinting at the coziness that awaits inside. Read our Fall Decorating Ideas for more on how to give your home a fall flourish, beckoning guests to escape the autumn chill and celebrate the abundance of the harvest.