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How to Decorate a Room with Black Leather Furniture

by Kaye Morris

Black leather furniture

Black leather furniture offers two distinct advantages over other fabric choices: the durability and ease of maintenance of leather and the stain-hiding abilities of the color black. Unfortunately, black leather furniture can present decorating difficulties. Although black leather furniture works well with white and chrome, the result can look too clinical and cold for many homeowners. Finding the right balance between black leather furniture and the rest of the decor is key to a successfully decorated room. Look below to learn how to decorate a room with black leather furniture.


  1. Think about wood finishes. Select wood finishes for coffee tables, end tables and other furniture in the room. Wood will soften the clinical harshness of the black furniture and give the room more warmth. Light-colored wood or laminate floors are also ideal.

  2. Use light shades of paint. Paint the walls in the room a light color, but not white or a variation such as cream. Choose colors such as light turquoise, light mauve, light green, pale yellow or peach, based on what your personal preferences are. This will soften the design effect of black leather furniture.

  3. Use throw pillows. Choose throw pillows for the furniture in two different colors: the same color as the wall paint and a much darker version of the wall paint. Monochromatic decorating will tie together all the color in the room and blend the furniture in with its surroundings. For example, at each end of the couch and on every chair, place one light turquoise pillow and one dark turquoise pillow.

  4. Accessorize. Select rugs, wall pictures and other decorating objects, such as vases or statues, that contain all three colors: black and the two offsetting colors selected. Try to balance the objects so that each area of the room contains all the colors from the room. When decorating with objects such as candles, never use one color only. Always place one light and one dark item to balance the colors.

  5. Pick warm metals. Pick metals that convey warmth when choosing lamps or other metal objects. For example, instead of chrome, which has a cold look to it, choose polished nickel, which still lends silver coloring to the room but not in a garish, clinical way.

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