How to Decorate a Mantel in 3 Easy Steps
How to Decorate a Mantel in 3 Easy Steps

Creating a Balanced Look

When you decorate your mantel with the three steps outlined below, you create a natural path for the eye to follow. The anchor draws you in while the weight and filler items create a triangular flow. This makes the arrangement pleasing to the eye and prevents any single decoration from being too distracting. Layer or stagger the pieces from each step to keep them connected and cohesive.

Artwork to help anchor your mantel

1. Choose an Anchor

Pick a large centerpiece to be the “anchor” for the rest of your mantel decor. This piece becomes the focal point of your design and connects the rest of your decorative accents.

Framed mirrors, pieces of art, wreaths, or large clocks are perfect backdrops to your arrangement and can easily be hung on the wall or set on the mantel. They will instantly catch your eye and set the stage for the rest of your mantel decor.


Set of 3 white vases to help balance the weight on your mantel

2. Add Weight to the Sides

Pick a few tall objects with varied heights to add visual weight to each side of the mantel. These pieces are often shorter than your anchor. A group of candlesticks or a tall vase are great options to achieve aesthetic balance. The objects on both sides don’t have to match perfectly, but they should complement one another. The visual weight helps direct your eye from the centerpiece to the edges of the mantel.


Gold decorative accessories to help you fill the games in your mantel

3. Bring in Filler Items

Now you can fill the empty areas on the mantel with smaller decorations. Try to avoid a uniform height, and let the pieces overlap to create depth and texture. Stacks of books, small picture frames, candles, and small plants are popular filler items. Creating an appealing foundation will give your mantel arrangement the perfect finishing touch.