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How to Decorate a Bachelor’s Apartment

How to Decorate a Bachelor’s Apartment

How to Decorate a Bachelor's Apartment
When first hearing the words "bachelor pad," a room overflowing with sports posters, mismatched furniture and milk crates may come to mind. However, the modern man has begun taking interest in interior design and decorating. Creating a well-designed bachelor's apartment is easily accomplished despite a small budget and even smaller living quarters. Make your pad a comfortable, hip place to hang out by yourself and with friends by learning how to decorate a bachelor's apartment below.
How to Decorate a Bachelor's Apartment

Determine a color palette.

Choosing a set color design scheme for the room will make picking furniture and accessories much easier. Ideally a color palette will consist of a main color with one or two accent colors. Use the main color on the walls and on furniture. Accessories such as throw pillows and artwork can display the accent color throughout the bachelor pad. Choose light, neutral tones to make small spaces look larger. Pair light colors with rich earth-tones such as burnt orange or deep blue. Use dark colors to make a spacious bachelor pad look smaller and cozier.


Paint the walls.

Add the first layer of color to the room by painting walls. Paint walls an overall light tone to make even the smallest bachelor pad seem larger. Apply an accent color to the walls as a focal point. Accent walls can be painted directly behind the sofa, bed or other main walls. Remember, the accent wall will also be ideal to display paintings and other wall decor; pick a wall with plenty of open space. Invite buddies over for a pizza party in exchange for painting help.


Start fresh.

Remove all artwork from the walls and start fresh; gone are the bachelor pad days when posters were stapled to the walls. Create a modern, streamlined look by framing your favorite posters. Choose black or chrome for a look that is simple to match. Purchase large abstract art prints or giclee prints on canvas to replicate the look of original art. Measure your space to make sure the size the artwork will fit. Purchase several prints to create a small grouping on one wall. For example, hang four pictures in a square shape to create the look of a larger piece of art. Hang all artwork at eye level; do not hang pictures more than six inches above a sofa. Incorporate other wall accessories such as metal sculptures or mirrors for additional texture and surface design.


Determine what furniture to replace.

Sleek modern furniture items are available at modest prices. Always purchase furniture that can double as a storage container when living in a small bachelor pad. For example, a variety of CD and DVD storage cases have a contemporary, minimalist look that will add to the overall interior design of a room. Choose a media center to display a television, but also hide electronic devices and wires. Cover old, worn furniture with crisp, sleek slip covers for a brand new look. Add throw pillows in a variety of accent colors and fabrics; keep groupings in odd numbers. Lay a lap blanket over the side of an arm chair for comfort and additional decor.