How to Create Baby Shower Gift Baskets

How to Create Baby Shower Gift Baskets

How to Create Baby Shower Gift Baskets
Gift baskets make great presents at baby showers. They are unique, beautiful and a lot of fun for the mom-to-be to open. Creating your own baby shower gift basket lets you give a baby gift that is completely personal and very special, rather than opting for the same old stand-bys. Custom-designing your own baby gift basket will let you tailor it to the style of the expectant parents while giving them plenty of baby gear.
How to Create Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Making Baby Shower Gift Baskets:


Select your basket and trimmings.

Choosing your gift basket and wrappings before buying any gifts is helpful because it can give you a guide for what you need to buy. Baskets of all kinds are great for baby gifts, and nice baskets can also be useful to the new parents for storing baby items. Things like storage cubes, small toy bins and playful buckets are also creative containers for baby gifts. You will also need to shop for trimmings, such as cellophane, ribbon and other embellishments. Once you have settled on these items, you will have a general idea of the theme of the gift and can shop for baby gear.


Choose a basket lining item.

Placing large, soft, bulky items at the bottom of a gift basket helps to lift up other items and show off your gift with professional flair. Baby accessories such as pillows, blankets, diapers and plush toys are all great choices for lining your basket. These items are not only useful for creating a pretty gift, but they will also be a fun surprise when the gift is opened.


Decide on larger gift basket items.

Choosing your larger gift items first will help to make sure there is enough room in the basket for them. Baby accessories, such as clothing, large toys and baby equipment, will likely also be the focal point of your gift basket, so selecting them first is a good way to know which smaller baby accessories you need to purchase.


Fill the basket with little baby accessories.

Gift baskets that are brimming with items are the most exciting, so be sure to pack your container tightly. A gift basket should nearly overflow with items and topple out when opened. Baby items such as pacifiers, bottles, hair bows, socks, shampoo, lotion, wash cloths and small toys will help to round out your baby shower gift basket. You might also consider including gifts for the expectant mother. Items such as mommy bath products, slippers or a spa gift certificate make nice additions to a baby shower gift basket.

Baby Shower Tip

If the parents-to-be have a baby gift registry, use it to purchase some of the items for your gift basket. Not only does shopping off a registry help you to know what to buy for the new baby, but it also ensures that your gift will be useful and appreciated.