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How to Create Ambiance with Hotel Collection Bedding

How to Create Ambiance with Hotel Collection Bedding

Bed with white, hotel collection bedding
For a bedroom that makes you feel like you're on vacation, accessorize with duvet covers and bedding sets from Hotel Collection bedding. Classic bedding sets from Hotel Collection bedding will enable you to channel the quiet luxury of grand hotels and relax in a bedroom that feels like a getaway. A few simple steps will allow you to create a serene space, so keep reading to learn how to create ambiance with Hotel Collection bedding.
Bed with white, hotel collection bedding

Prepare Your Bed

Before you start decorating your space, make sure you have a clean slate. Clear clutter from around the bed and minimize the amount of furniture taking up space in your bedroom. You may want to try rotating your mattress and refreshing your pillows. Consider replacing your old pillows for a perfectly fresh jumping off point.


Choose Coordinating Colors

Bedding sets from Hotel Collection bedding make it easy to create a coordinating look, but you can also invest in separate pieces like bed sheets and pillowcases in the same color. Pick a high thread count Hotel Collection bedding ensemble to create clean lines and try to keep bed accessories to a minimum for true elegance. If the look you’re going for is simple and modern, you may want to avoid throw pillows and blankets on top of your bed.


Make a Statement with a Duvet Cover

You don’t need bold patterns and wild colors to make a style statement with Hotel Collection bedding. To create a look of luxury and make your bed the focal point of your bedroom, pick a solid white duvet cover that evokes the feel of a five-star hotel. Paired with your matching solid colored sheets, this will create a feeling of unity and relaxation.


Think About Lighting

Now that your bedding ensemble is complete, focus on creating soft lighting. For everyday ambiance, consider replacing your bright ceiling light with lamps on either side of the bed. If you’re looking for something special, try placing decorative candles in clusters around your bedroom. Choosing candles in colors that coordinate with your color palette will highlight the look of your luxury bedding and provide a soft glow.