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How to Create a Spa Bathroom at Home

How to Create a Spa Bathroom at Home

Creating a spa bathroom at home is easier than you think. It's time to treat yourself to decadence every time you step into your bathroom with a luxurious spa-inspired upgrade.

Take all the things you love about going to the spa and bring them home to create a bathroom that is both functional and luxurious. Even if you can't keep a masseuse on staff, you can create a peaceful atmosphere when you thoughtfully choose color themes, features, and details. Updating elements like lighting and fixtures helps create a relaxing mood, and adding details like extra plush towels and gentle scents will help you feel pampered. When you add the luxurious details of a spa to your bathroom, you'll treat yourself to well-deserved indulgence every day of the week.

Watch How to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Retreat

Spa Color Palette Ideas

Your first step to lounging in luxury is choosing a color palette. You have several options for creating a relaxing environment in your bathroom, so choose the colors that make you feel tranquil. Here are a few ideas to get your serene design ideas flowing.

Black and white shower curtain shown in bathroom with a black and white color palette

Classic Black & White

This classic color palette gives you a pristine foundation when creating a visually uncluttered space. Black trims and accents used with white tiles, sinks, and tubs can serve as a canvas for many design styles, including Glam, Modern, Hollywood Regency, and more. A timeless black and white colorway will help you clear your mind as you unwind from a busy day.

Grey shower curtain shown in bathroom with  netural tone color palette

Tranquil Neutral Tones

Use a neutral palette in your space to invite nature into your spa bathroom. Warm, natural shades — from barely cream to dark teak — invite you to relax in the arms of Mother Nature. A neutral palette makes it easy to incorporate wood furniture and accessories — from birch blonde to deep cherry — and bring a rich and welcoming feel to your spa-like experience. Add in saturated green accents to bring the zen of a Japanese garden into your space.

Blue and gray shower cutrain shown in bathroom with blue and green color palette

Soothing Blues & Greens

Choose light and opaque shades of blue and green to infuse a feeling of balance, harmony, and serenity into your bathroom. Bring the tranquility of the ocean home with turquoise or sea foam green, calm your mind with cooling arctic blue or mint, or infuse reviving energy into your space with sky blue or aquamarine. Keep your accents white to make these calming colors the star of your soothing space.

Set the Mood

Close up of white soaking tub with bathroom accessories

When you begin to design your own spa bathroom, break up your mood creation into four parts: lay a clean base of relaxing color, add a visually warm feeling with lighting, infuse luxury with your bath accessories, and scintillate your senses with your favorite sounds and smells. Taking time to include the little things that make you feel pampered and special will make your bathroom a welcome retreat from the demands of everyday life.

Clean Foundation

Promote a peaceful atmosphere by keeping your spa bathroom clutter clutter-free. A visually clean foundation starts with your color choices, but it also applies to your choices of understated tiles, bathtubs, and vanities. Make sure your plan includes plenty of storage — from closed cabinets to open cubbies with wicker baskets — to reduce any visual clutter that could distract from your serene setting.

Warm Touches

A spa-like bathroom should feel clean, but it should also be warm and inviting. The easiest way to create warmth is through lighting. This can include decorative lighting, task lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and more. Adding dimmer switches will help you create a relaxing mood in a wink.

Luxurious Details

"Luxury" is your mantra when you're turning a regular bathroom into a spa bathroom. From the smaller touches, such as plush towels and bathmats, to truly decadent features, such as radiant flooring and saunas, the extras almost matter more than the basics. The goal is to feel as though everything you could ever want is at your fingertips.

Relaxing Features

Now it's time to add the little things that will help you relax. Candles, incense, or an essential oils diffuser will help you keep your bathroom infused with relaxing scents like lavender, bergamot, and sandalwood. As a special touch, consider adding a noise machine that includes sounds that may help you let go and relax, including seascapes, birdcalls, thunderstorms, and more.

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10 Features for Your Perfect Spa Bathroom

Silver Chandelier hanging above a bath tub

1. Bathroom Lighting

Creating a serene atmosphere starts with lighting. Put your personal style front and center with special lighting like a chandelier. This will add a touch of luxury toin your spa bathroom. Or you can mix-and-match your lighting with under-vanity LED lights, task lighting on your mirror, and even spotlight lighting to highlight design features in your bathroom. Whatever you choose, plan to include separate switches with dimmers so you can quickly customize your lighting to fit your needs and mood.

Porcelin bathroom tile with a gray and white design

2. Bathroom Tiles

Since you can find tile in virtually unlimited styles and patterns, you can choose anything your heart desires for your spa bathroom. Two-tone mosaic tile, beachy glass tile, classic subway tile, and stately marble tile are all great choices for a clean and simple foundation in your spa bathroom. See How to Pick the Best Shower Tiles to create a decadent design.

White freestanding bath tub in bathroom

3. Soaking Tubs

When you really want to imitate the serenity of a spa, an average bathtub won't always do. Soaking tubs are deeper and wider, allowing you to really sink into a state of relaxation after a hectic day. For larger bathrooms, a freestanding soaking tub is an amazing focal point, but a drop-in tub works just as well when you're soaking your cares away.

Glass shower in modern bathroom

4. Glass Showers

Glass showers are a perfect choice for a spa bathroom. Not only do you get to show off your amazing tile, but a glass shower also makes your bathroom look more spacious and inviting. Choose between single glass panels that partially enclose a large shower or a fully enclosed unit with glass on two or three sides.

Double white vanity sinks shown in bathroom with cabinets

5. Vanities

Whether you need a lot of storage or you prefer a lot of style, a vanity is a must in your spa bathroom. From double-sink floating vanities to single-sink cabinet vanities, there's a vanity style to fit your bathroom decor plan. To simplify your decor decisions, choose a matching vanity and mirror set. You can also buy topless vanities to further customize your look.

Close up of white poreclin sink set in marble countertop with a silver faucet

6. Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks are no longer restricted to oval undermount and self-rimming sinks. Many new designs and material choices are now at your fingertips, so you can make your bathroom a customized oasis. From traditional sinks styles in new bold shapes and sizes to trendy vessel sinks, you will find sink options that are just right for you.

Silver 3-in-1 shower head

7. Bathroom Fixtures

A tranquil spa experience wouldn't be the same without a luxury showerhead. Enjoy a gentle experience with a rainfall showerhead or embrace the whole spa experience with a tower massage spa system that includes jets, two or more heads, and multiple settings. No matter what you choose, pick sink faucets and cabinet pulls to match the finish of your showerhead.

Round silver wall mirror

8. Mirrors

Of course you're going to have a mirror in your bathroom, but in a spa bathroom, it's time to think about choosing something extra special. Decorative mirrors can be a design focal point and can range for simple and sleek to ornate and fancy. Don't limit yourself to only mirrors over your vanity; choose an extra-tall and wide framed mirror to mount on the wall or fill up a whole wall with mirror panels.

Double vanity with two mirrors and bathroom accessories with storage cabinets on each side

9. Bathroom Accessories

Two words exemplify spa bathroom accessories: plush and luxe. Fluffy white towels, extra soft bathmats, and high-quality accessories all fit the bill. Make sure you have an abundance of towels and store them in the open to give create the "everything at your fingertips" feeling you get at a spa. Pepper your spa bathroom with luxe accessories such as candles, wicker baskets, and abstract art.

Close up of white cordless Roman shade on window

10. Window Treatments

Sometimes we see window treatments as more of a utilitarian choice than a design choice, but that is not the case with spa bathrooms. Choose curtains or shades that are easy to adjust so you can get the lighting and privacy you need in a snap. Roman shades, cellular shades, and wooden blinds all add function and design your bathroom decor.

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