How to Create a Global Look with Home Accessories

Worldstock quilt hanging in eclectic living room

by Melissa Ford

Home Decor Specialist

Whether you're a well-traveled adventurer or a homebody at heart, you can explore the cultures of the world through exotic, travel-inspired home design. Global textiles evoke the splendor and heritage of old-world artistry while accenting your living space with one-of-a-kind style.

Give your home a personal touch with a collection of unique accessories made by artisans from around the world. If you're stumped on where to begin your journey, we're here to help you navigate the eclectic world of fair-trade interior design.

Turquoise nightstand

Decorate by Room

Your tastes may be varied when it comes to decorating with global furnishings. While you may love both the warmth of Moroccan textiles and the intricate detail of African tribal masks, they may not play well together in the same room.

To express your taste for the exotic, consider creating a unique design for each room. Add a touch of mystery to your bedroom with a Chinese rice paper room divider, or create a luxurious place to relax in your living room with beautiful silk throw pillows and ottomans from India.

Handwoven Rug

Choose a Unifying Theme

A unifying theme helps create a cohesive look in your space. Whether you love the romance of a Parisian cafe or the allure of the Middle East, a theme can help translate all of your favorite designs into a unified style. One way to achieve consistency is by integrating a color scheme throughout your living space. No matter the style, a color scheme can help tie all of your rooms together.

Integrating multi-ethnic decor into your home can create a laid-back, eclectic feel. But if cohesiveness is important to your motif, you may consider sticking with a single design style to create consistency throughout your home. Choosing a theme after a favorite region can provide a harmonious environment room-to-room while also giving you the opportunity to explore the culture and heritage of the area.

Regional weaver with loom

Research Your Desired Destination

When decorating in a particular motif, doing a little research on the area can prove invaluable for replicating the tone and vibe of the region. Many regions have intricate patterns and color palettes specific to their culture. Not only will you learn something about the culture itself, but you'll discover and appreciate the effort that went in to crafting the beautiful pieces you bring into your home.

Brown couch with plant and exotic coffee tables

Mix Fair-Trade Pieces with Existing Items

Maintain personality and uniqueness in your home by integrating fair-trade pieces with your existing decor. You can easily enhance your personal style with a few handmade pieces that are unique to your taste. A hand-woven Afghani rug can jazz up your living room design, while vibrant Tunisian stoneware can lend a worldly touch to your dining room motif. Add a pop of color to your seating area with a beautiful pouf ottoman, or refresh your bedding with a few hand-stitched throw pillows.

Exotic, colorful throw pillows

Experiment with Color

Don't be afraid to experiment with color. One of the most exciting features of global decor is the use of vibrant colors and unique materials. Create a color palette for your room by choosing one piece of art or furniture to be the focal point. Build a color scheme around your favorite piece and use complementary colors to enhance the overall aesthetic. Whether you choose a wall hanging, a hand-painted vase, or an expertly-carved sculpture, you can use the rest of your decor to play off the colors of the piece and highlight your unique taste.

Mixing colors can add depth and distinction to a room. Toss a few mismatched throw pillows on your sofa or add a bright, hand-woven afghan to your favorite chair. The use of color is a great way to express your sense of style, and a handmade Worldstock piece can be the perfect accent to enhance a room.

Handcrafted wood sculpture

Shop for Handcrafted Items Online

If you can't spare the expense to travel the world for unique home decor, consider the wide and expansive world of online shopping. Worldstock offers a huge variety of unique, handmade items crafted by artisans all over the globe. Shopping for fair-trade products not only adds uniqueness to your interior design, it supports the small, family-owned businesses that produce them.

Many Worldstock items include biographies and stories about the artisans, allowing you to connect with the heritage of your favorite items. Look for products that say 'fair-trade' to ensure that you are supporting programs that promote better trading conditions and fair wages for producers.

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by Melissa Ford

Home Decor Specialist

Along with her passion for cooking, spoiling her cat, and getting lost in a good book, Melissa enjoys collecting teapots and unique curiosities. She loves to support local artisans and finds pleasure in the beauty that one-of-a-kind pieces bring to her space.