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How to Compare Men's Diamond Rings

by Yu Qing

Young man wearing a diamond ring, a watch and a leather bracelet

The diamond is definitely not gender-specific. Men can wear diamond rings to commemorate important occasions or simply add to their fashion. Like all types of men's jewelry, men's diamond rings come in many varieties to suit all tastes. Choose men's wedding bands with diamonds to show your commitment or wear a diamond ring to accent a nice outfit. Do not be intimidated if this is your first time purchasing a men's diamond ring. Take some time to learn about diamonds and to choose a style that appeals to you. You can compare men's diamond rings with confidence when you know what you want.

Comparing Men's Diamond Rings:

  1. Evaluate the diamonds. It is important to compare diamonds when shopping for men's jewelry. Choosing a men's ring with a high-quality diamond will give you an investment piece of jewelry and knowing the specifications of the diamond you are buying will make you feel good about your purchase. Whether you are selecting a men's wedding band or another diamond ring, some basic diamond knowledge is helpful. Compare diamonds based on the following criteria to choose high-quality diamond jewelry:

    • Compare the cut, which refers to the symmetry and proportions of a gemstone. The cut is an important aspect to consider when shopping for diamond jewelry because a good cut can hide diamond flaws, while a bad cut can ruin a diamond. Avoid diamonds that are lopsided or have facets that are too deep or too shallow.

    • Examine the clarity of the diamond in the jewelry you are considering. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) evaluates diamond clarity by looking for the number, size and location of flaws. The scale ranges from a perfect "FL," which denotes a flawless diamond to an "I," which denotes a diamond with obvious inclusions.

    • Study the color of the diamond in the men's ring. The color refers to the hue and shade saturation of the diamond. Diamonds range in color from completely colorless to appearances of yellow and brown. A stone that is colorless is usually a more desirable diamond.

    • Select the carat, which refers to the diamond's weight. A single carat weighs 0.20 grams. Diamonds typically get more expensive as the carat count increases. The size of the stone depends on your personal preference. A 1-carat diamond is subtle, while a 5-carat stone is more extravagant.

  2. Choose a metal. Select metal based on your personal preference and budget. Platinum and gold are more expensive than sterling silver and stainless steel. Stainless steel and tungsten are stronger than other metals, and sterling silver and white gold offer a neutral silver shade.

  3. Compare the band styles. You will need to choose between simple and ornate men's diamond rings. If you prefer a minimalistic look, consider a smooth band with a single embedded diamond. If you like a bit of edge, then a black-plated band with colored diamonds might be your style. Inlays and engraving can add texture to the ring, and a variety of diamonds adds extravagance.

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