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How to Compare Exercise Bicycles

by Ty Arthur

Woman on an exercise bike

Exercise bicycles allow you to get a thorough fitness workout without having to leave the house. Because there are so many different exercise bikes available, you will need to weigh your options carefully before picking the one that best fits your exercise routine. From overall size to back support, there are a host of differences among exercise bikes that can determine the one home gym machine that is right for you.

Comparing Exercise Bikes:

  1. Consider how much space you have available in your exercise area. Pick an upright style if you want an exercise bicycle that uses the least amount of floor space. Exercise and fitness plans are only practical if you have enough space for your equipment.

  2. Take into account any back pains you suffer from before purchasing an exercise bicycle. Pick a recumbent bicycle with a back support if you have back problems or would like to be in a more comfortable position while exercising.

  3. Think about whether you will be using additional exercise equipment or want to work out multiple muscle groups at once. Choose a "dual-action" exercise bike that includes rotating handlebars if you want to exercise your upper body while riding your exercise bike.

  4. Check to see if the exercise bicycle includes a digital display. Select a bike with a digital display if you want to see figures such as the distance you have pedaled, the elapsed time and the number of calories you have burned.

  5. Find out the type of resistance that the bicycle uses. Pick an air-resistance bicycle that has a fan if you want a bike that helps keep you cool while you work out. Pick a bike with flywheel resistance if you want to feel like you are riding a normal bike.

  6. Look at the design of the bicycle's seat. Choose a bicycle with a larger and more padded seat if you plan on using the bike for extended periods on a daily basis. Choose one with a more traditional seat if you're using the bike to train for cycling outdoors.

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