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How to Clean Your Computer Monitor

by Staff Writer

Computer monitor

Things You Need:

  • Two lint-free cloths
  • Screen-safe cleaner
  • Compressed air

Your widescreen computer monitor display is your window to your programs and to the Internet. A clean monitor is easier to read than a dusty one, and working with a clean computer screen produces less eyestrain, especially if you spend many hours at the computer. A clean monitor also tends to last longer. Every few months monitors and displays can use a good cleaning. Here are a few steps for keeping your computer monitor clean and extending its life.

Cleaning Your Monitor:

  1. Power off your monitor. There should be a button (sometimes illuminated) or switch along the bottom or on the side of the screen which turns your monitor on or off. Turning off electronics, like your computer monitor, before doing any type of maintenance is always a good idea.

  2. Blow dust out of monitor vents. Dust forms an insulating layer on electronics, producing heat buildup that can damage or degrade components. Some of this dust builds up inside your monitor. Following the instructions on your can of compressed air, spray into the vents on the top, back and sides of your computer monitor. The stream of compressed air stirs up a lot of dust, so doing this step first will prevent you from repeating the other monitor cleaning steps.

  3. Wipe the monitor surface with a damp cloth. Except for the display screen, wipe the dust from the exterior of your computer monitor. The more dust you trap with the cloth, the better. Rinse the cloth well before proceeding to clean your computer monitor screen.

  4. Wipe down the monitor screen. Take care when cleaning an LCD monitor screen; cleaning with harsh cleaners can damage the clarity of the screen surface. Avoid spraying cleanser directly onto your computer monitor. Instead, apply the cleanser to the rag and then wipe down your monitor. Use a screen-safe cleanser or mix your own solution of one part rubbing alcohol and one part distilled water. The lint-free cloth will clean without leaving any fuzz behind.

  5. Dry with the lint-free cloth. You'll probably only need to dry the computer monitor screen. Wiping up excess cleanser will help prevent spots and streaks on your computer monitor.

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