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How to Clean Wrought-Iron Patio Furniture

How to Clean Wrought-Iron Patio Furniture

If you're looking for strong, low-maintenance pieces for your yard, why not buy wrought-iron patio furniture? Wrought iron is frequently used for fencing and outdoor furniture because of its superior strength and durability. With its weathered, ancient appearance, wrought-iron outdoor furniture can add a lot to your home decor. However, you may have a few questions about cleaning your wrought-iron patio furniture, especially when you've used it in your garden for awhile. Read on for tips on caring for your wrought-iron patio furniture.
Things You’ll Need
  • Hose
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge

Wrough-iron Patio Furniture Care:

Prepare the Furniture

Remove any pillows or cushions from your outdoor furniture and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning them. Move your wrought-iron patio furniture away from dirt, grass or plants and place it on a driveway or large patio. This will keep the hose from splashing mud onto your patio furniture as you clean it.

Wash the Furniture

Hose down your wrought-iron tables, stools and chairs and pour a quarter-size amount of liquid dish soap onto a sponge. Wipe wrought-iron furniture with the sponge, using a circular motion to scrub away all dirt and debris. Rinse the sponge frequently and add more dish soap as necessary if your outdoor patio furniture is particularly dirty. A handled scrub brush can also allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas on your wrought-iron tables and chairs.

Rinse Off Soap

Use the hose to rinse off all the soap and any remaining dirt. Allow your outdoor patio furniture to air-dry before returning it to the patio and placing the pillows and cushions back onto the furniture. If your wrought-iron garden furniture has been sitting outside for a long time, you may notice a few stained, rusted or chipped areas on it. Sand these spots with a piece of sandpaper and carefully paint your wrought-iron furniture so it looks new again.