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How To Clean Velvet Curtains

How To Clean Velvet Curtains

Over time, you may notice that the irresistible texture of your velvet curtains is starting to dull. This is normal; the lush pile tends to attract dust and pick up oils from your hands. By integrating the velvet curtains into your weekly cleaning routine, you can prevent buildup and maintain the natural shine of the fabric.


Vacuum Velvet Curtains Once a Week

About once a week, vacuum your velvet curtains using a wand and a soft brush attachment. Before you start, stretch one curtain panel across the window and determine the direction of the nap. Choose a low-suction setting and move the brush head across the fabric in the same direction as the velvet fibers. Use gentle pressure and avoid scratching the velvet with the edge of the brush.


Identify Safe Cleaning Solutions for Your Curtain Material

Velvet is a delicate fabric, so before you treat stains, it’s important to test potential cleaning solutions. To start, check the tag; if it says dry-clean only, you should bring the curtains for professional cleaning when they’re stained or dirty. Using water on this type of velvet can ruin the texture.


For other velvet curtains, mix a few drops of gentle dish detergent into a cup of water. Find an out-of-the-way spot on the back of a curtain hem and dab on a small amount of the solution with a clean cloth. Always use gentle pressure when working with velvet. After the solution dries, make sure it hasn’t damaged or changed the color of the fabric. If it has, dissolve 1 tablespoon of baking soda into 1/2 cup of lemon juice and try again.


Spot Clean Stains

When you see a stain on your velvet curtains, mix your tested cleaning solution. Dip a clean microfiber cloth into liquid and pat it gently onto the stain. You can rub the surface gently with the cloth but avoid scrubbing. Once the fabric dries, run a soft-bristled brush lightly over the area in the direction of the nap.


Revive Velvet Curtains with a Steamer

Are your velvet curtains dull or pale? Set a handheld steamer on the lowest heat setting. Test the steamer on the back of the hem and inspect the fibers. If they look normal, run the steamer over the curtains in the opposite direction of the nap, taking care not to scrape the fabric. The steam lifts the velvet fibers and restores the original luster and color depth.

Velvet curtains elevate your space, filling it with a soft, luxurious luster. If you’re considering replacing your velvet curtains or adding them to more rooms, check out our guide to the Best Fabric for Curtains to make sure they’re the right fit for you and your home.