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How to Clean Gold Pendants

by Maegan Crandall

A white gold heart pendant and a yellow gold heart pendant

Things You Need:

  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • A bowl or large mug
  • A toothbrush
  • A soft towel

Gold pendants go with everything. You can easily wear gold pendants on chains, ribbons and leather cords with jeans, dresses and suits. Gold jewelry also requires a substantial monetary investment, especially if you collect pendants with gemstone embellishments and designer details. If you wear your gold jewelry frequently, then you'll want to keep it looking its best with proper jewelry care. Keeping your pendants clean means always having something shiny to don. Get started with these tips on cleaning gold pendants.

Cleaning Gold Pendants:

  1. Mix mild dish soap with warm water in a bowl or large mug. If you are cleaning several pieces of gold jewelry at once, choose a large bowl and avoid piling the jewelry pieces on top of one other. Place the gold pendants in the bowl or mug and allow them to soak for several minutes to loosen dirt and oils. If your gold jewelry is especially dirty, remove the pendants from the bowl and freshen it with clean, warm water for a second soak.

  2. Brush the pendants gently with a soft brush. Jewelry care brushes are available for cleaning your jewelry at home. You can also keep a soft, clean toothbrush on hand just for cleaning your jewelry. Scrubbing the pendants carefully will make them nice and shiny.

  3. Rinse the pendants in warm water. When rinsing your gold jewelry, place a wash cloth or a dish strainer over the drain to avoid losing the pendants. You can also rinse your pendants in a fresh bowl of warm water.

  4. Dry your gold pendants thoroughly. Use a soft towel to dry your pendants. You can also polish the pendants with a jewelry polishing cloth. To avoid introducing moisture into your jewelry box, allow your gold jewelry to air-dry overnight before storing it.

Jewelry Care Warning:

  1. If your gold pendants contain soft gemstones, such as opals, coral or turquoise, do not soak or scrub the jewelry. Instead, polish the pendants with a special jewelry cloth to remove dirt and oils.

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