How to Clean Glass TV Stands

How to Clean Glass TV Stands

Few pieces of furniture look as chic as glass TV stands. Although these TV stands look sleek, they are easily smudged with fingerprints, and dust is easily visible as it builds on the surface. To make sure your television stands always look their best, you should make sure to clean them fairly often. Here are some tips to keep your glass TV console looking like you just pulled it out of the box.

Cleaning Glass TV Stands:


If you are careful to dust your flat-screen TV stand consistently, you won’t have to do an all-out cleaning quite as often. Chances are that dust buildup is the most common way your TV stand gets dirty. This is even more crucial if you have a corner TV stand, as dust seems to gravitate to the corners of the room. Try to dust at least once a week; however, dusting more never hurts. Not many pieces of furniture suffer from excessive dusting.

Use a cleaner

Although there are plenty of homemade possibilities, it might be easier just to pick out a cleaner from your grocery store. There is a huge selection of glass cleaners to choose from that will make your television stand sparkle. Before you spray the cleaner, be careful to remove the big screen TV and any other electronics that could possibly be damaged. Plus, if you try to clean around your equipment, there will still be portions of the TV stand that didn’t get completely cleaned. By removing the electronics, you can avoid any dust buildup.

Wipe it up

The biggest mistake most people make when cleaning big screen TV stands is that they use the wrong type of cloth to wipe down the glass. If you use any old rag, chances are it won’t absorb the cleaner, which, in turn, will leave streaks on your flat-screen TV stand. Your best bet is to use a lint-free cloth that can absorb the cleaner without leaving any residue. Otherwise, you can use crinkled newspapers or coffee filters. They paper will rub down the glass and give a nice polish to the TV stand.