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How to Clean Down Feather Beds

How to Clean Down Feather Beds

Down feather beds provide an additional layer of comfort between you and your mattress. If your bed produces more aches and pains than dreams, a feather bed is a good solution. Feather beds should last for many years, depending on the quality of the feathers, properties of the cover and use. This article should help you get a grasp on how to clean down feather beds.

Cleaning Feather Beds:


Know your goods

The first style of feather bed is composed of feathers inside a baffle or square-channeled bag. The other is a pillow top, fashioned similarly to a pillow-top mattress: The bottom layer has several inches of regular feathers, and a top cushion is attached that contains only down, the softest of feathers. The first kind of feather bed is almost like a down comforter, only with much more fill. The second is closer in composition and density to a mattress and is heavier.


Read the label on your feather bed

The majority of manufacturers suggest professional dry cleaning. Some businesses clean down specifically, but it is costly; you might pay as much to clean and refurbish your feather bed as to buy a new one.


Wash light feather beds on your own

Wash inexpensive, lightweight down feather beds on your own but with caveats: You may ruin the feathers and the loft. Use down soap and follow directions. Select a soap that won’t leave a residue. Use cold water in a large-capacity washer and put the feather bed through the spin cycle more than once if you can. Dry it in a warm dryer and expect to run it at least three full cycles.


Pillow-top feather beds require extra care

Clean your pillow-top feather bed in a couple of ways. Use a spot-treatment fabric pen for small stains. They remove most food-related stains, but organic stains will probably leave a mark. Another method is to use a slightly dampened cloth and diluted cleaner. Dry the feather bed with a thick microfiber drying cloth. Allow the feather bed to air dry completely before you place it back in its cover.


Air your feather bed frequently

Hang it on a clean railing outside in the sunshine and keep flipping it around for loft.

Feather Bed Tip:

Buy a protective cotton cover when you buy your feather bed. They’re easier to clean than entire feather beds.