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How to Clean Computer Desks

by Staff Writer

Wooden computer desk

Things You Need:

  • Damp rag
  • Clean, dry rag

Most people probably don't realize the importance of keeping computer desks clean. If you fail to clean your computer desks, the dirt and dust buildup can eventually harm your computer. Dust and dirt can get trapped and build up on your computer fan, making it less effective. If enough builds up, it can cause the computer to trap too much heat without cooling down, making the computer overheat, short circuit, burn out the motor or even start a fire. Plus, dust can make your computer screen permanently cloudy if it isn't dusted off frequently. Not to mention you don't want to present visitors to your office with a dirty secretary desk or executive desk. Instead of waiting for your computer's performance or your co-workers opinion of your hygiene to suffer, get in the routine of cleaning your office desk. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Cleaning Computer Desks:

  1. Clear the surface: Although you'll want to dust off your computer desk furniture frequently, make sure you completely clear off the surfaces for a thorough cleaning every week or so. Especially if you have a corner desk, dust can build up very quickly and you won't get it all if all your clutter is spread over the table. Lift your monitor off the corner computer desk and make sure to pick up all the dust underneath. Pay extra-special attention to the area where you store the computer tower or wherever the fan is located on your home computer desk.

  2. Use a damp rag: You shouldn't have a big enough mess to make a cleaner solution necessary; however, if you need to remove some sticky film, make sure to use a wood-friendly cleaner if you have a wood desk. Otherwise, use a slightly damp rag to pick up all the dust off your computer furniture. If you have a glass desk, use a regular glass cleaner. When you wipe up the cleaner, use paper towels or newspaper to get rid of unsightly streaks.

  3. Dry completely: Make sure you dry your desk completely after dusting or washing. First of all, you won't want to damage the material of your desk by continued exposure to moisture. Second, you won't want to damage your computer by getting it wet with a damp computer workstation. Try to repeat this computer-desk cleaning process at least once a week.

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