How to Clean Bathroom Shower Doors

How to Clean Bathroom Shower Doors

Bathroom shower doors are notorious for accumulating soap scum and grime. However, with the proper cleaning methods, shower doors can remain clean longer and even repel soap scum. Both glass and plastic shower doors can be cleaned using the same process using either commercial or natural materials.

Fill a clean spray bottle with equal parts water and white distilled vinegar.
Spray the solution onto the front and back of the shower doors. Allow the mixture to stand for at least five minutes or up to 30 minutes for tough soap scum. Vinegar will cut through the most stubborn dirt and grime and prevent future buildup.


Fill a small cleaning bucket with fresh water or use your bathtub or sink.
Put on a pair of rubber gloves and use a sponge dipped in the water to wipe down the shower doors and remove the vinegar. Don’t forget to wipe any areas where the doors overlap.


Clean the runners of your bathroom shower doors with an old toothbrush.
Squeeze a dollop of white toothpaste onto the brush and then scrub the runners to lift any dirt, grime or soap scum. Spray with the vinegar solution onto the runners when finished and then rinse away with clean water.


Dry your shower doors using a clean towel and make sure they are thoroughly clean.
If you see any remaining soap scum or dirt, repeat the steps above until your shower doors sparkle. Once the doors are thoroughly clean, a little preventative maintenance will go a long way.


Saturate a clean cloth with baby oil and then wipe down your shower doors with the cloth.
Baby oil will further prevent unsightly soap scum from accumulating and will also decrease the amount of time in between cleanings. Lemon oil may be used in place of baby oil to wipe down your shower doors after cleaning. It will provide the same protection against soap scum and leave a lemony fresh scent behind.

Shower Cleaning Tips

Glass cleaner may be used in place of the vinegar and water solution, but it will not prevent buildup or cut through soap scum as easily, and it may not be as effective on plastic shower doors.


A handheld shower head works wonders for shower door cleaning. You can use a handheld shower head to rinse those hard to reach areas including the inside of the doors and the runners.


Use a commercial soap scum remover if vinegar alone doesn’t do the job. In most cases this will be unnecessary, but if the shower has been neglected for years, you may need some extra cleaning power.