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How to Clean Bathroom Faucets

by Lindsay Champion

Clean bathroom faucet

Things You Need:

  • Toothbrush
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • White vinegar
  • Sandwich bag
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Brass or stainless steel polish

Bathroom faucets, especially in high-traffic bathrooms, can go from clean to dirty in hours. On top of getting so much use, calcium deposits in hard water can collect on your bath fixtures, creating a dull, filmy exterior. Make your bathroom faucets shine by getting them as clean as possible every time you wipe down the countertops or do a deep clean in your bathroom.

Cleaning Bathroom Faucets:

  1. Spray cleaner: A bathroom cleaner will help loosen soap scum, dirt and toothpaste from your bathroom faucets.

  2. The right tool: Scrub vigorously with a toothbrush. You don't need to buy a new toothbrush for this task; use an old worn-out toothbrush that you don't mind getting dirty. The toothbrush will dislodge any dirt or grime from the bathroom fixtures.

  3. Tough build-up: If your faucet is spraying water in all different directions when you turn it on, it may have accumulated mineral deposits in and around the spout. To get rid of mineral deposit blockages in your bathroom faucet spout, scrub the spout with a toothbrush and white vinegar. If the mineral build-up is really tough, fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar, place the bag around the faucet so the spout is submerged in the vinegar and use rubber bands to attach the bag to the faucet. Leave the bag on the faucet for several hours or overnight.

  4. Buffing and polishing: Buff with stainless steel or brass polish, depending on the material your faucet is made of. Spray or squeeze the polish directly onto the fixtures and buff with a clean rag until shiny.

  5. Daily maintenance: Wipe the sink and faucet with a clean, damp paper towel daily. A frequent wipe of all bathroom surfaces will keep your house looking its best for your loving family, not to mention any unannounced visitors.

Faucet Cleaning Tip and Warning:

  1. Keep a large bottle of vinegar handy under the sink for last-minute touch ups. Rub any water stains with a cotton ball to dissolve them.

  2. Keep brass and stainless steel polish out of the reach of children.

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