How to Clean an Oil Deep Fryer

by Randall Shatto
Published October 27, 2009 | Updated February 24, 2016

You already know that some of the most delicious meals and side dishes are made in your deep fryer. You've probably used it to make fried chicken, French fries, or golden fried fish at home. For Sunday dinner, you may have deep fried chicken or even turkey in minutes. Deep fried foods make tasty treats for parties and special occasions. However, to get the most out of your deep fryer, you need to know clean it and care for it properly. If you cook with your deep fryer frequently, it's important to clean and change the oil once or twice a week.

Clean Your Deep Fryer:

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Things You'll Need
Tin can
Plastic spatula
Dish soap
  1. Unplug and Cool Down

    Unplug the oil deep fryer. If the cooker was recently in use, let it cool for about two hours before cleaning.

  2. Start with the Frying Basket

    Remove the frying basket and place it in the sink. Pour two or three drops of liquid dish soap around the basket and allow it to soak.

  3. Remove All the Used Oil

    Pour the cooled oil into a large tin can or coffee can. Place a lid or foil on the can. Dispose of it in the trash or recycle it.

  4. Clean Particles from Inside the Fryer

    Scrape the sides and bottom of the fryer with a plastic spatula to remove any stuck-on food particles. Use the spatula or sponge to take out the debris on the bottom on the fryer. Throw the particles in the garbage.

  5. Clean the Inside with Soap

    Squeeze seven or eight drops of the dish soap into the oil deep fryer. Drop half of the soap amount on the bottom of the unit and the rest on the sides. Start at the bottom and wipe in circles to create lather. Work your way up each side, scrubbing in a circular motion.

  6. Soak with Hot Water

    Once you have scoured the sides and bottom of the deep fryer, fill it with extremely hot water from the faucet. Allow the water to sit for approximately 30 minutes.

  7. Wash the Frying Basket

    While the deep fryer is soaking, scrub the basket. Use a back-and-forth scrubbing motion to scour while running warm water over the basket. Add additional dish soap if the basket still feels greasy, and then scrub it again. Place the basket in a dish drain or on a towel when you're finished.

  8. Rinse the Fryer

    Pour half of the water out of the fryer and into the sink. Wipe the sides and bottom of the fryer with the remaining water and pour it out, too. Add water and swish it around with your hand to remove the remaining soapy residue. Pour the water into the sink and repeat this step until the water is clear of soap.

  9. Dry the Fryer

    Dry the outside of the deep fryer with a towel and allow the inside of the fryer to air-dry.

Deep Fryer Cleaning Tips:

Always read the owner's manual of your specific oil deep fryer. Some cleaning instructions may vary.

Never submerge the deep fryer in water.

Never clean the deep fryer while it is still plugged into the outlet.

Never pour the oil out immediately after cooking. Wait for at least two hours.