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How To Clean A Polyester Sofa

How To Clean A Polyester Sofa

how to clean a polyester couch

A polyester sofa is the heart of your home, serving as a spot for lounging, snacking, and watching TV. With all of that action, the upholstery is bound to get dirty. Here’s how to clean your polyester sofa to bring it back to life.


Disclaimer: Follow your product manufacturer’s instructions before following our cleaning tips.


Vacuum Polyester Upholstery Every Week

Weekly preventative cleaning can keep a polyester sofa looking its best. Take time to vacuum the upholstery at least once every week, making sure to get under the cushions and into the cracks. For maximum cleaning power, use an upholstery brush to break up ground-in dirt.


Test a Cleaning Solution in Advance

Every polyester sofa has a cleaning code, which you can find on the tag. It indicates the substances that are safe to use on the fabric. ‘W’ stands for water-based cleaners, ‘S’ means solvents, and ‘X’ means that you should only clean with a vacuum or dry brush. ‘W/S’ is the most flexible, allowing both solvents and water-based products. If you can’t find a code, assume that the sofa is dry-clean only (S).


You can buy or make a cleaning solution based on your sofa’s cleaning code. Options include:

  1. Shampoo or dish detergent mixed with warm water (W, W/S)
  2. Rubbing alcohol (S, W, W/S)
  3. Dry-cleaning solvents (S)


Test your chosen product on a hidden spot, such as the underside of the sofa or a part of the upholstery that’s concealed by the cushions. Rub it in gently with a clean cloth, let it dry, and check for stains. This test helps you avoid accidental damage to the polyester during the cleaning process.


Soak Up Spills ASAP

When liquid or wet foods spill on your polyester sofa, don’t wait to clean it up. Pick up solids and lay a clean cloth or paper towels over the area. Continue blotting lightly until all of the excess moisture is gone. In some cases, this is enough to prevent a stain. If you can still see evidence of the spill, move on to the stain-removal process.


Gently Scrub to Remove Stains

If you find a dry stain on your polyester sofa, vacuum it to pick up excess particles and separate clumped threads. Then, apply your cleaning solution or solvent to the problem area, avoiding over-saturation. Using circular strokes, scrub at the stain until the color starts to go away; this can take a few minutes. If the area is foamy, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off excess soap. If the polyester feels crunchy when the fabric dries, use a nylon-bristled brush to soften the fibers.

If your sofa is starting to look stained or discolored, there’s good news: polyester is usually a breeze to clean. But if it’s time to replace your furniture, check out Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sofa.