How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you enjoy sleeping on a memory foam mattress topper, you should be prepared to clean it at least once a year to get rid of the dust mites, bacteria, and allergens that can build up over time. Set aside a day to clean your mattress topper; most of that time is needed for drying, since you don't want water to soak into your topper. Here are the steps to get your mattress topper fresh and clean again.

Get Ready to Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Memory foam mattress toppers and memory foam mattresses must always be cleaned by hand, because machine cleaning can destroy the memory foam. Start by removing your mattress topper from the bed, and place it on the floor. You may want to bring the topper into your bathroom, especially if you have to remove stains and odors. Turn on the fan or open the window to keep the room ventilated. If you’re cleaning it on a hardwood or carpeted floor, place a tarp under it to protect the floor. Gather all the materials you need. For simple cleaning, you need a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, a gentle fabric cleaner, water, and a spray bottle.

Vacuum and Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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The first step in cleaning your mattress topper is to vacuum it. Use a powerful handheld vacuum if possible, working with a soft brush attachment. Work your way from across the mattress topper using circular motions to pick up dust, debris, and other particles from the mattress. If you have an eggshell-style mattress topper, work through the crevices between the peaks, where debris is likely to congregate.

If your mattress topper is free from odors or stains, move straight to spraying it with detergent. Use a gentle laundry detergent such as those used for hand washing, mixing one part detergent to two parts warm water. Fill a spray bottle with the detergent, and then spray the entire mattress lightly. Don’t soak the foam, but keep your spray bottle moving as you spray.

Remove Stains From Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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After you blot the stain with water, sprinkle boric acid on it, and then keep blotting it till it’s gone. If you’re dealing with a stain caused by pet urine that soaked through your bedding, try an enzymatic pet stain cleaner. Apply the cleaner, and then let it sit for 15 minutes or so. Another option for stain removal is hydrogen peroxide. Be very careful using this chemical, and be aware that it may discolor your foam mattress topper. After spot cleaning the stains, blot the area again with a damp sponge and let it dry. Once it’s dry, vacuum once more to remove any vestiges of the chemicals.

Remove Odors From Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Stains that have a tendency to linger inside a memory foam pad or mattress topper include urine, vomit, and cigarette smoke. To remove these odors, start by vacuuming and spray-cleaning the mattress topper as usual, and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Let it sit overnight or for at least eight hours before vacuuming the baking soda away. Other options include trying citrus-based cleaning products or products specifically designed for eliminating odors.

Flip Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Don’t forget the flip side of your gel memory foam mattress topper. After you’ve cleaned it and removed all stains and odors, flip it over, and give the flip side a spray with your detergent solution. Let it dry completely, and then vacuum away any detergent residue. Don’t return a mattress topper to your bed unless it’s completely dry, as it can develop mildew, which can destroy the mattress topper. It’s best to give your mattress topper a full 24 hours to make sure it’s completely dry.

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