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How To Clean A Leather Chair

How To Clean A Leather Chair

A leather chair is a timeless and elegant addition to your home. Despite its luxury status, leather upholstery is exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. With proper cleaning, your leather chair can retain its supple texture and nuanced color for decades.


Vacuum and Dust Weekly or Bi-Weekly

The easiest way to clean your leather chair is to work the process into your weekly cleaning routine. Take off the cushions and vacuum the dust and crumbs from all the crevices. Then, use a soft, dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the upholstery. If your leather chair has a slightly shiny coating, you can dampen the cloth with distilled water for this step.


Remove Moisture and Treat Stains ASAP

When something spills on your leather chair, fast action can prevent a stain. Even water, which seems harmless, can leave behind unsightly marks. Fortunately, leather isn’t as porous as other luxury materials, so you can usually soak up the moisture with a clean microfiber cloth. If you discover a stain, apply the leather cleaner that’s recommended by the manufacturer. It’s always a good idea to test the cleaner on a hidden part of the chair before use. For detailed cleaning instructions, read How to Remove Stains from Leather Furniture.


Soak Up Grease and Oil from Upholstery

Over the course of its lifetime, your leather chair is likely to come into contact with grease and oil. Whether you’re dealing with natural oils from your skin or a food spill, it’s important to take care of the problem quickly.


If the stain is fresh, blot it gently with a clean cloth to soak up excess grease. Then, apply a small amount of cornstarch over the affected area. Leave the chair undisturbed for up to 24 hours to allow the powder to absorb the oils. If there’s still a stain after you wipe off the powder, try applying leather cleaner or a degreaser that’s formulated specifically for leather upholstery.


Clean and Condition Your Leather Chair Yearly

Approximately once a year, take time for a full cleaning of your leather chair. Check the manufacturer’s instructions; some types of leather react best to soap and water, while others require a specific cleaner. If you haven’t done so already, test the product or solution first to check for adverse reactions. After cleaning, apply a leather conditioner to erase scratches and restore the color of the chair. Throughout the year, you can re-condition the chair if it starts to look dull.

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