How to Clean a Jute Rug

How to Clean a Jute Rug

How to Clean a Jute Rug

Of all the types of natural fiber rugs, jute rugs are among the easiest to clean, but there a few rookie mistakes to avoid. Read on to learn how to properly clean a jute rug to ensure it provides your home beauty and comfort for years to come.

How to Remove Stains from a Jute Rug

How to Remove Stains from a Jute Rug

Jute rugs are sensitive, so while cleaning them isn’t time-consuming, it’s necessary to get it right. Cleaning methods are pretty limited to these three things: vacuuming, spot-cleaning, and air drying.

Disclaimer: Any washing or stain removal has the potential to brown a jute rug because of its sensitivity to water. Always check the cleaning instructions for your rug to make sure there aren’t any special considerations.

1. Dab Off Excess Liquid

If your jute rug has a stain, immediately blot it with a dry paper towel or cloth. Be gentle —rubbing can push the stain further into the fibers and cause permanent damage. If your stain is made up of solids, scrape away any residue by using a plastic utensil.

2. Gently Brush With a Soft Brush and Water

As tempting as it might be to tackle stains the old-fashioned way with a bucket of water, excess moisture can quickly damage a jute rug. It’s fine to use a small amount of water so long as you dilute it with white vinegar. When you have a mixture that’s evenly split, you can then gently circulate the cleansing concoction into the fibers to lift your rug’s stain. For acidic stains, use club soda instead of water.

3. Dry Immediately With a Hair Dryer

Never steam clean your jute rug — the moisture will ruin the rug’s coloring. Since jute isn’t fade-resistant, you’ll also want to make sure that you don’t lay it in the sun to dry. Wringing out your jute rug or throwing it in the dryer are also off limits because these methods will cause the delicate fibers to fray. Instead, heat the moistened areas with a blow dryer to remove wetness.

How to Maintain a Jute Rug

How to Maintain a Jute Rug

1. Remove the Dirt

You can simply shake out your rug to help prevent too much dust build-up. As your rug endures regular wear, however, it’s important to vacuum so that dirt doesn’t settle into the open weave. Vacuum in the same direction as the weave, using your vacuum on the lowest setting. If you space out your vacuuming biweekly, you should be able to avoid unraveling fibers.

2. Deodorize With Baking Soda

If you’re trying to remove an odor from your jute rug, such as from a pet stain, sprinkle baking soda over the offending area for an overnight deodorizing treatment. This will pull the moisture out of the fibers and neutralize any smell. Vacuum up the residue and then repeat the process for the other side of the rug. For the back of the rug, you’ll only need to leave the baking soda out for a few hours.

Disclaimer: Too much baking soda will clog your vacuum filter, so limit the amount of baking soda you use to about 1 cup.

Jute Rug Cleaning and Care

Because jute rugs are made from organic fibers, it might seem like they could be easy to clean. But simple construction doesn’t always mean straightforward maintenance. If you need to see our cleaning tips in action, watch the video below. For more tips, check out our guide for How to Get Stains Out of Carpet and Rugs.

While jute rug care may sound complicated, the fibers are commonly  woven with cotton or polyester so that the oils in jute’s natural fibers don’t brown as easily. For a comparison of other rug types or blends, check out our Guide to Best Rug Materials.