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How to Clean a Gold Ring

by Maegan Crandall

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Even the most lustrous and valuable gold jewelry can occasionally lose its shine. Dirt, lotion and natural oils from your skin can easily dull your gold rings. Keeping your gold jewelry clean not only improves its appearance; it can also keep stone settings from becoming loose. There are many options when it comes to cleaning jewelry, and you can choose from several cleaning methods for your gold rings. Your professional jeweler will be happy to clean your gold jewelry for a fee, and gold rings can also be cleaned efficiently in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Cleaning jewelry at home is also easy and affordable. You can clean your own gold rings with a few household staples and save money on cleaning fees while keeping your gold sparkling.

Cleaning a Gold Ring:

  1. Boil: Most gold rings can be immersed in boiling water to quickly remove grime and wax and also to disinfect. Rings that have soft gemstones, such as opals, coral, pearls and moonstones, glued-on embellishments and gold-plating should not be boiled. Gold rings with diamonds and hard gemstones, on the other hand, can safely be boiled prior to cleaning. Place your gold rings in a small mug or bowl and pour boiling water over them until they are completely covered. Allow your rings to sit for approximately ten minutes, or until they are cool enough to handle.

  2. Scrub: A basic cleaning solution of warm water and mild dish soap is really all you need to clean your gold rings. A few drops of dish soap will easily create a nice lather. Place your rings into the solution and allow them to soak for several minutes. Using a soft brush, such as a clean toothbrush, carefully scrub your gold rings. If your rings have soft gemstones or adhesive, do not immerse them in water. Instead, carefully clean the gold portion of your rings with warm, soapy water and wipe the gemstones clean with a soft, dry cloth.

  3. Rinse, inspect and polish: Rinse the soapy cleaning solution off your gold rings thoroughly and check them for cleanliness. Repeat the soaking and scrubbing steps if needed. Dry your rings using a soft cloth. You can also use a jewelry-polishing cloth to buff your gold rings and give them a shiny, new appearance.

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