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How To Clean A Chenille Sofa

How To Clean A Chenille Sofa

how to clean a chenille sofa

Soft, velvety chenille sofas create an exceptionally cozy seat. The fluffy texture that makes the upholstery so inviting can also attract dust and debris. When it’s time to clean your chenille sofa, safe methods and products can refresh the fabric without disrupting the delicate pile.


Check the Sofa Tag for the Type of Chenille

Some types of chenille upholstery are water-safe; others are not. To find out, check the sofa manual or find the cleaning code on the tag.


  • W: Indicates that you can use water-based cleansers
  • S: Indicates that it’s safe to use dry-cleaning solvents but not water
  • W/S: Indicates both options are safe
  • X: Most delicate type of chenille sofa. Only brushing and vacuuming allowed.

Brush and Vacuum Dirt and Dust from Your Chenille Sofa

Once every few weeks, use an infant hairbrush to brush your chenille sofa’s upholstery. Move the brush in the direction of the nap to preserve the pile. If you see ground-in debris, try a few strokes against the nap to dislodge the particles. Then, set your vacuum on its lowest setting and clean the couch with an upholstery-brush attachment. Always use gentle pressure when brushing or vacuuming chenille.


Spot Clean Chenille to Remove Stains

If your sofa has a ‘W’ or ‘W/S’ cleaning code, mix a few drops of gentle dish detergent or laundry soap into a cup of water. Dip a clean, white cloth into the solution so it’s wet but not dripping. Dab the stain lightly, and allow the fabric to dry. Then, brush the spot and run a vacuum over it.


For sofas with ‘S’ cleaning codes, try this process with a gentle, chenille-safe dry-cleaning solvent. No matter which option you choose, make sure to test your cleaner first in a low-visibility spot.


Schedule Professional Cleaning for Heavy Stains

When stains don’t respond to home treatment, it’s time to call in a professional. If the discoloration is located on a cushion, you can bring it to a dry cleaner that specializes in upholstery. Otherwise, schedule a home visit for stain-removal and a full sofa refresh.

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