How to Clean a Canvas Handbag

How to Clean a Canvas Handbag

How to Clean a Canvas Handbag
Canvas isn't just for artists and the outdoors anymore: It's a great fabric for durable, stylish handbags. Depending on the design and pattern of the bag, a canvas handbag can be a great accessory for casual luncheons, shopping trips, days at the office or nights on the town. Cleaning your canvas handbag requires just a few steps, and you'll have a fresh, clean handbag for your next party when you finish.
How to Clean a Canvas Handbag

Cleaning Canvas Handbags:


Crumple sheets of tissue paper.

Insert the paper into the main compartment of the purse. You do not need to remove any items, because the tissue paper will fill up the remaining space. This will maintain the shape of the handbag while you clean the outside of it.


Fill a large bowl with cold water.

Dunk a soft cloth in the water and wring out completely. The cloth needs to be damp but not saturated with the water so that it won’t damage the canvas.


Hold the purse at a 45-degree angle.

Blot the entire side of the bag with the damp cloth. Never rub the canvas; instead, dab it gently. This will lift out some of the stuck-on or set-in dirt.


Add a drop of baby shampoo to the cloth.

Rub the cloth together to form lather, and then dab the entire moist side of the canvas handbag with the foam.


Rinse and wring out the cloth well.

Use running water to remove the remaining soap from the cloth, if necessary. Once the cloth is clean, blot the bag again to remove the remaining shampoo residue.


Stand the purse upright in a safe area.

Allow it to dry overnight or for roughly five to six hours. Remove the tissue paper once the purse is dry.


Never use a washing machine to clean your canvas handbag.

Never soak or submerge the handbag in standing water. Always use a small amount of cold water and blot.