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How to Choose the Right Swivel Bar Stool

How to Choose the Right Swivel Bar Stool

black metal grey cushioned swivel bar stools in industrial style kitchen
When you're in the market for a swivel bar stool, your biggest challenge is likely to be choosing just one from hundreds of choices available. A bar stool will lend personality to your space. Spend a few minutes considering the following factors so you can choose a swivel bar stool that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Below, you'll learn how to choose the right swivel bar stool.
black metal grey cushioned swivel bar stools in industrial style kitchen

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Barstools


Determine Desired Height

Determine which height of bar stool you wish to add to your space. Bar stools vary in height from 24 inches to 30 inches. The ideal height for a swivel bar stool for optimum comfort is about 10 inches lower than the bar table or counter you want to use it with. Many swivel bar stools come with an adjustable height feature, their heights varying from counter level (24 inches) to bar level (30 inches).


Think About Comfort and Features

Select a swivel bar stool with a design that matches your use. Your options include bar stools with low and high backs, backless models, stools with and without arms, bar stools with 360-degree swivel and those with half swivel or memory swivel. Think about how versatile you want your bar stool to be and what purpose you want your bar stool to serve. If you will be using it both as a counter and bar stool, or to provide additional seating in the living room or media area when you have company, choose a bar stool that fits all these needs. For example, a backless swivel stool may not feel comfortable for long periods of time, such as the duration of a ballgame.


Go With Style

The first thing people notice about a bar stool is its style. Choose bar stool materials that enhance the appearance of your space and appeals to your decorating taste. This includes the colors, upholstery, frame material and overall look and feel. Choose colors that complement your decor or accentuate it, from eye-popping to pastel shades. If you have clean, sophisticated room decor, then swanky, modern bar stools with minimalist design and a brushed metal frame may be your first choice. If you’re decorating a bachelor pad, then swivel bar stools that exude a pub-like feel may be appropriate, such as those with a dark brown frame and leather seats. For a retro-inspired space, choose stylish, brightly colored swivel bar stools with eye-catching vinyl or leather seats. If you like two or more different types of bar stools, try a mix-and-match arrangement for a distinct ambiance.


Find a Good Fit

Determine how much space the swivel bar stool will take up, how much room you have, and how many stools you can fit in that space comfortably. If you’re buying a pair, then ensure that there is enough space between them when you position them at your bar. Ideally, there should be at least 6 inches of space between swivel bar stools. If you have a tighter area, choose compact stools without arm rests. If you have a larger area, choose swivel bar stools that match the appropriate scale.