How to Choose the Right Desk Size

How to Choose the Right Desk Size

Looking to create the ideal work-from-home space? It all starts with choosing a desk size that perfectly fits your room layout, your body type, and the kind of work you do.

Measure for Your Desk

Determine how large of a desk your room can comfortably accommodate. This is particularly important with medium and large L- or U-shaped desks, which can be tricky to fit in some spaces.

Standard desk height is about 30 inches, but dimensions vary widely. Check the desk’s listed measurements for its width, depth, and height. Consider the location of your room’s entrance, the swing of its door, etc.

Assuming you’re not using a corner desk, which is intended to sit flush with walls, you should aim to leave at least 30 inches of clearance between your desk and any walls to give you enough space to get around.

Small Desks to Save Space

Why You Need It: Perfect for drafting correspondence, typing up proposals, or sketching out illustrations, a small desk is the best way to go if you only need enough surface space for a laptop or a notebook (and maybe a glass of wine next to it).

Features: Small desks often feature minimalist designs, with thin but sturdy wood or metal legs supporting a single surface. Storage space is usually nonexistent, but you can find desks with one to three built-in drawers well-suited to holding small writing utensils and computer accessories, in addition to pieces with attached cubbies that can work as tiny bookcases.

Medium Desks for Extra Storage

Why You Need It: If you’re looking for more desk space than a small desk provides, but you don’t want a bulky piece that dominates the look of your home office, a medium-size desk might be up your alley.

Features: Some of these desks go vertical, adding shelving or cabinets that float above the desk surface. These slots are perfect for holding user manuals or small decorations such as photos and houseplants. A slide-out keyboard tray tucked beneath the main surface lets you reclaim some prime desk space, allowing you to switch between typing and longhand as inspiration strikes.

Large Desks for Maximum Workspace

Why You Need It: If you need enough desk space to accommodate multiple monitors and devices, a separate writing area, and storage for your work-related documents, go for Overstock’s largest desks. If you’re an artist or illustrator, you can add a scanner to a large desk with a built-in drafting table to get all your work done from the same station.

Features: Many large desks feature an L-shaped design that fits well in a corner of a room and provides you with two work surfaces. Large desks are also the most likely to come with built-in file cabinets, so they’re a good choice if work often finds you reaching for hard copies of important information.

Whether you need to squeeze an artist’s area into an apartment nook or you’re looking to take full advantage of the square footage in a dedicated home office, there’s a desk for you. Check out our guides to Best Desk Materials and the Top Trending Desk Styles to help narrow down the perfect workspace.