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How to Choose the Right Closet Organizer


Well-organized closet

You can make the most out of your closet space by installing a closet organizer. If your closet is small or if you simply have lots of clothes and accessories to organize, closet storage can be a real issue. However, the culprit isn't always closet space as much as closet organization. Closet organizer systems help you to make the most of your closet storage space, allowing you to keep all your clothing and shoes protected and organized in your closet. Here's what you need to considerso you can choose the best closet organizer for your needs.

Closet Organizer Considerations:

  1. Consider which sort of closet organizer will fit in your closet. Is your closet extra large or fairly small? Most closet organization systems fit a range of sizes, often between 4 and 8 feet. When you're shopping for closet storage systems, make sure you find one that will fit your closet. If you have a large closet and you really don't need more space, just compartments in which to store things, you can find closet shelves that install neatly in your closet in which you can store shoes and accessories.

  2. Decide how permanent you want your closet organizer to be. Do you plan to use your closet for years and years to come? If you move, will you want to take your closet organizer with you? Most closet storage systems screw into your walls, but some take more screws and more planning that others. If you're going to be using your closet organization system for years and years and you don't plan to remove it if you leave, then choose a closet organizer that will take some time to set up, but which will remain strong for years. If you want to be able to set it up and take it down quickly, choose a lightweight one, like a wire closet organizer, that snaps together.

  3. Match the closet organizer to your clothes. Most closet organizers have a rod for hanging clothes and a number of shelves. However, if you have lots and lots of shoes, you may want to look for a closet organizer that offers shelves or a rack to hold shoes. If you have a lot of shirts, slacks or dresses that you need to hang, keep your eye out for closet organizer systems that have extra hanging space. In other words, be sure to think about which sort of space you need the most of and match your purchase to your needs.

  4. Find a closet organizer that matches your budget. Decide how much you're willing to spend on your closet organizer, and then find a closet system that fits within your price parameters. Keep in mind that, as with anything, you get what you pay for. If you're looking for something that's lightweight and assembles quickly, then you will probably find a cheap closet organizer that suits your needs. If you want something that's extra sturdy and made from premium wood, be prepared to invest more.

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