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How to Choose the Best CHI for Your Hair Type

How to Choose the Best CHI for Your Hair Type

woman with long hair sitting at a cafe
When you want sleek hair, using a CHI flat iron is the best thing you can do. Known for their superior straightening powers and ability to leave hair looking healthy, CHI hair care products can give you the look you've always wanted. Designed to work on all types of hair styles and textures, CHI flat irons come in a variety of different models. Here's what you need to know about choosing the best CHI for your hair type.
woman with long hair sitting at a cafe

Choosing CHI Products:

For short hair:

If your hair is chin length or shorter, you’ll want a slim 0.5-inch CHI flat iron. These trimmed down tools allow for the greatest control when straightening hair and ensure that you won’t burn your scalp or your fingers while trying to style short hair with an oversized flat iron.

For long hair:

Longer hair can take time to style, so look for 1-inch CHI flat irons or 1.5-inch CHI flat irons to do the job quickly. These tools feature swiveling cords and an ergonomic design, so they’re still easy to use and won’t feel bulky.

For textured hair:

Whether your hair has a loose wave or tight curls, you’ll want to look for a CHI flat iron with variable heat settings. Ideal for all types of textured hair, these flat irons let you choose the exact temperature your hair needs to straighten easily and look perfect all day long. CHI ceramic flat irons with tourmaline plates can also be helpful for especially stubborn hair. Tourmaline-coated plates reduce dry friction and ensure that curly hair straightens without additional frizz.

For damaged hair:

CHI flat irons are a favorite among hair stylists and professionals because of their ability to straighten hair without leaving it dry and brittle. However, if you have especially problematic or color-treated hair, you may want to check out other CHI hair-care products, like CHI silk infusion or ionic color-protecting shampoo. These styling aids provide deep hydration that will leave hair silky without weighing it down and are the perfect way to prep your hair before styling with a CHI flat iron.