How to Choose Patio Furniture for a Small Space

How to Choose Patio Furniture for a Small Space

No matter how small your balcony, deck, or patio, you can still set up an outdoor living area that’s both stylish and comfy. When fitting outdoor furniture into a tight space, you don’t want it to feel cramped with too much stuff. It’s just a matter of picking the right number of pieces with space-saving designs. Whether you’re creating an outdoor dining area or a place to lounge and relax, here are some small patio furniture ideas to help you create the perfect setup.

Create a Cozy Dining Space

Entertaining close friends is easy when you have a patio dining set, even if your deck or patio has some size restrictions. Find a compact table with room for two to four chairs. You’ll have an intimate setting for sharing a meal or drinks with guests. Three-piece bistro sets are usually the perfect size furniture for small patios. To make more room when guests come over, supplement your bistro setup with folding chairs that you can put away after friends depart.

Choose Sofas With Slim Profiles

Because a sofa is often the largest piece of patio furniture, you’ll need some extra planning to use one in a small patio arrangement. Avoid bulky designs, such as deep-seat sofas. Instead, pick loveseats and smaller sectionals with slim profiles and sleek designs. Always remember to measure the space and check the dimensions before you buy. Placing your sofa flush against walls or in a corner will free up room in the center of the seating area. If space allows, enhance the coordinated look of your small patio’s furniture with a sofa set that includes accent chairs, a coffee table, or an ottoman.

Bring In Individual Patio Chairs

Single patio chairs are the most versatile when it comes to arranging outdoor furniture on a small patio. Skip the multi-piece patio set and buy chairs one by one instead. Then you’ll have more freedom to control the size of each new piece. Plus, you won’t end up with extra chairs or side tables you don’t have room for.

Patio dining chairs are easy to mix and match. Accent with a set of coordinating cushions to enhance your patio’s style. For a more relaxed look, choose comfortable outdoor rocking chairs or inviting Adirondack chairs. Are you planning to use your home’s outdoor area solo? Then go big with one comfy egg chair or stylish swing seat that’s just for you.

Declutter With Storage Seating

Benches offer the most seating in the smallest package, so they’re the go-to type of furniture for a small patio. Simple wood garden benches have a classic style. Their slim profile makes them a perfect fit for narrow porches and balconies. On the other hand, metal park benches offer a heavy-duty design to withstand the elements. To make the most of a small patio space, choose furniture with built-in storage. Lift-top ottomans, coffee tables, benches, and lounges can hide away less-used outdoor decor and keep your space clutter-free.

Get Creative With Accent Tables

Outdoor accent tables come in a variety of sizes and designs, so they make it easy to customize your small patio area. Depending on the available space, switch out a coffee table for one or two smaller side tables. You could also keep a foldable side table nearby to bring out when needed. A sturdy pouf can double as a coffee table when you set down a book to watch the clouds float by. Tables with storage add extra utility to a small deck or patio. Meanwhile, nesting tables give you plenty of surfaces for cocktails with friends. Tuck them away one on top of the other when it’s just you and your morning coffee.

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