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How to Choose a Statement Piece

How to Choose a Statement Piece

A statement piece dominates a room, orienting the decor and setting the mood. These eye-catching elements speak to your emotions; they can make you smile with delight or sigh with contentment. Whether you want your home to feel lively and joyful or completely calm, the right statement piece can get the job done in style.

What Is a Statement Piece?

A statement piece is a design element that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. It might be a piece of furniture, a fixture, a work of art, or even an appliance. You can choose statement pieces for personal and aesthetic purposes. Bring your personality to the decor with a quirky neon oil painting or an unabashedly vintage velvet Chesterfield sofa. When your cream-and-tan living room feels a little too predictable, a statement rug in an asymmetrical geometric pattern adds an undercurrent of excitement. If you’re a perennial party host, a provocative abstract sculpture can inspire questions and get your guests talking.

What Makes a Statement Piece?

A statement piece can be any item with a characteristic that sets it apart from the other items in the room. Context is key; an item typically makes a statement relative to its environment. A chandelier might stand out in a modest Craftsman bungalow, but put it in a grand mansion, and it will blend into the background. A statement design’s effect can also vary from room to room; a fuchsia side table can be a focal point in your neutral-toned living room and a supporting player in a jewel-toned bedroom.

As you’re looking for statement pieces, consider the characteristics that help them stand out:

  • Scale: The eye is automatically drawn to pieces that are bigger than expected. Staggeringly large sectional sofas or chandeliers create a sense of awe and delight for your guests, in part because they break the “rules” for proportion and practicality.
  • Color: Contrasting color is an easy way to make a statement, even if you don’t want to make big, permanent changes. A vibrant yellow sofa, a rainbow-colored area rug, or a wild piece of art create a lively vibe that gives you a jolt of energy each time you walk through the door. A bit of color goes a long way, especially in a small space; brilliant or saturated accent chairs in an interesting shape make a compact apartment look curated and intentional.
  • Shape: Unexpected shapes can turn an ordinary item into an attention-grabbing statement piece. It’s all about contrast; the deep curves of a mid-century modern egg chair or the sharp angles of an ultra-modern coffee table stand out from your more restrained, conventional furniture.
  • Material: Unique materials are like a magnet, drawing you in for a closer look. A velvet sofa creates an almost irresistible urge to reach out and touch the surface; a gold metal side table captures your attention by reflecting the light.
  • Purpose: Defy convention and make a statement by using an object for something other than its intended purpose. The further the item is from its original design, the stronger the statement. For example, use an antique-inspired, freestanding vanity as a kitchen island or transform an old grand piano into a wall-mounted bookcase that demands a second look.

Elevate Your Interior Design With Statement Pieces

Look for Contrast

As you select a statement piece, consider how you can use characteristics such as color, shape, or scale to create contrast. This can be as simple as adding a brilliant green monstera plant to a sleek hardwood and tile kitchen. Or, go big by replacing your low-key platform bed with a fairy-tale-style canopy frame.

The key is to work with your interior design style rather than against it; if you prefer a neutral color palette, make a statement with materials or unique shapes. A sculptural, silver-finished metal light fixture complements the grays and blues in your space, maintaining the soothing vibe and creating an eye-catching contrast with soft upholstery and plush carpet.

Consider How You Want To Feel

Statement pieces can affect the emotional impact of a room. If you want to feel powerful and confident while you lead conference calls, furnish your home office with an imposing wooden desk. A colorful area rug with an abstract pattern can give your studio a rejuvenating, inspiring feeling that inspires you to break out your easel.

Focus on Personal Significance

Interior design is an intensely personal experience; a statement piece that’s significant to you can infuse your home with personality. An heirloom writing desk stands out from more modern furniture, but more importantly, it brings up fond memories of your parents, grandparents, or other ancestral loved ones. Textures and colors, in particular, can evoke strong sense memories. A driftwood sculpture in your entryway can transport you from a city apartment to happy vacation days at your favorite beach.

Maintain Functionality

When space is limited, your statement piece furniture should support the room’s functionality. In the kitchen, a vintage-inspired fridge subverts expectations with its rounded corners and aerodynamic hardware while meeting your usual cooking and food-storage needs. A plush velvet bench at the foot of your bed creates a luxe boudoir vibe and provides space to stash your sweaters.

Styling Rooms With Statement Pieces

Whether you’re designing the room around a statement piece or incorporating a new element into an existing space, styling is all about balance. Your statement piece should stand out from the crowd while harmonizing with the rest of the elements in the room.

Find a Unifying Element

The trick? Tie your statement decor into the rest of the room. If you choose an enormous piece of wall art, you might reference the key colors with throw pillows, side tables, or area rugs to create cohesion. When your statement furniture piece is a neon sofa, make sure it matches the scale of the accent chairs and side tables. These connective threads, even when they’re not immediately obvious, bring a sense of ease and cohesion, allowing you to sink your gaze throughout the room as you contemplate or reflect on your day.

Place It in a Prominent Position

Give your statement piece a bit of a boost to become the star player. A spectacular gold-framed mirror might fade into the background if it’s relegated to a side wall. Instead, hang it above a fireplace to enjoy the full visual effect during family game nights and weekend reading marathons.

Use Multiples

Another strategy is to combine moderately dramatic home decorating pieces to create a statement arrangement. Arrange two vintage glass lamps on a modern marble console table to draw your guests in and spark fascinating conversations from their contrasting energies, styles, and materials. When in doubt, double up; while a geometric dining chair is lovely on its own, it’s just as breathtaking when arranged in a set of four.