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How to Choose Specialty Bedding for Winter

by M. Haller

Winter bedding

Sleeping in the winter can be a delightful experience if your bedding is keeping you warm and cozy. With just a few changes, you can make your bedding winter-ready. The right winter bedding should trap your body heat enough to keep you warm but remain breathable enough that you stay comfortable. Look below to learn how to choose specialty bedding for winter.

Choosing Winter Bedding:

  1. Add it up. If you have a programmable thermostat, winter bedding can help you save money on your winter heating bills. Program your thermostat to a slightly cooler temperature during the hours when you are sleeping. The savings you gain from cutting down the number of hours each day that your heater is running full blast will really add up. With cozy winter bedding, the cooler nighttime temperatures make for a pleasant night's rest.

  2. Think flannel. Flannel bedding is warm and soft, as well as inexpensive. Opt for a higher thread count sheets to avoid pilling. In addition to flannel sheets, look for flannel duvet covers that will double the warmth factor.

  3. Duvets versus comforters. If you're used to bedspreads and comforters, try a down or synthetic-down duvet. If you are allergic to down or dislike using animal products, choose synthetic down, which can be made from a variety of breathable materials and is just as warm as down. Down and down alternative comforters will help trap your body heat and keep you comfortable all night.

  4. Double up. Cover your duvet with a flannel duvet cover for extra warmth and coziness. If you don't like the look of flannel, find a thick duvet cover made of natural fibers that you do like the look of. Avoid duvet covers made of synthetic fabrics like polyester that don't breathe well.

  5. Use wool. Add a wool blanket for extra warmth if your house is particularly cold. In most homes, flannel sheets and a down comforter will provide enough warmth, but for cabins or homes with very low heat, a wool blanket will be welcome. Put the blanket between the top flat sheet and the duvet so it won't irritate your skin.

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