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How to Choose Sheets for an Inflatable Mattress

How to Choose Sheets for an Inflatable Mattress

Grey inflatable mattress
An inflatable mattress is indispensable as extra bedroom furniture when you have houseguests or as a comfortable resting place when you're enjoying the great outdoors (from the safety of a tent). To make your air bed even more appealing, make sure you treat it like a regular bed; an inflatable mattress will benefit from luxurious sheets as much as any other mattress. Choose the right sheets for your bedroom furniture and treat your guests to an inflatable mattress experience they'll never forget.
Grey inflatable mattress

Choosing Sheets for an Air Bed:



Measure Your Inflatable Mattress

Air beds can often use the same sheets as other mattresses. Read the directions that come with your air mattress, but unless it’s especially thin or extra thick, you can use the right size of standard sheets for your inflatable mattress as well as your regular bed. For air mattresses that are extra high, you can use a deep fitted sheet or, if the top of the mattress is flocked, use a flat sheet draped across the top; the flocking will help hold the sheet in place.


Consider How Often the Sheets Will Be Washed

Will these sheets double as bedding for your usual bed? Will you want to wash them on a regular basis? Make sure they’re machine washable. Will the sheets be exclusively for use on the inflatable mattress and only be used once a year? Don’t rule out sheets that have to be ironed to look their best. Choose sheets whose care instructions are in line with your ideas of cleanliness and use them accordingly.


Decide Where the Inflatable Mattress Will Be Used

If you live in a cold climate or only have guests during ski season, you might want to buy flannel sheets; an air mattress topped with flannel sheets makes any room an inviting retreat. The characteristic loose knap of flannel lets sand sift away, so flannel sheets are a good choice if you’re camping near a beach. For a romantic getaway, in your living room or out in the woods, make sure to check out satin sheets. The silky feel makes any location a passionate paradise. If your inflatable mattress will mostly be joining you on camping trips, consider cotton sheets. The crisp cotton sheets will feel great on limbs aching from a day of hiking.