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How to Choose Pendants for your Personality

by Maegan Crandall

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In our increasingly manufactured world, it can be difficult to feel truly unique. Your clothes come from a cute boutique chain and your shoes and handbag are very trendy, but do you feel like yourself? You can add jewelry to your look to express your individuality and independence. Exclusive and innovative pendants allow you to feel more like yourself and share your personality with both friends and strangers. Pendants are perfect for personalization because they can be found in so many different varieties and can be worn in so many different ways. A large collection of pendants can be mixed and matched with a small collection of chains and leather cords to give you an extensive necklace collection and many jewelry options without taking up a lot of space or money. Consider these pendant necklaces to project your personality every day.

Choosing Personal Pendants:

  1. Look to letters: Letters are always personal, whether you choose your own initials or one letter that represents the love of your life. Letter pendant necklaces can be found in many varieties. A simple white gold initial necklace goes with everything in your closet. Diamond-covered letter pendants are very romantic and will shimmer in the candlelight.

  2. Create a combination: Key pendants, heart pendants and peace-sign pendants are not terribly unique on their own, but a combination of all three on one necklace can be a personal fashion statement. Choose several of your favorite pendants and wear them all on one chain, or put each on its own chain and wear them all for a layered look. Mix and match butterfly pendants with firefly pendants or combine dolphin pendants with starfish pendants. The options are endless when you combine your favorite charms to create an innovative necklace.

  3. Put pets on a pedestal: A different animal pendant exists for almost every different kind of animal. If cuddly fuzzballs are your thing, consider charms shaped like kittens, puppies and baby panda bears. If reptiles capture your heart, wear necklaces with turtle, frog, snake and dinosaur charms. Choose from sea creatures, animals that fly, fantasy beasts and oversized mammals when looking for the animal charms that will personalize your necklace collection.

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