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How to Choose Furniture for Your Apartment

How to Choose Furniture for Your Apartment

Furnishing your first apartment is an adventure that can leave you wondering where to begin. Whether you have plenty of space, are living with a roommate, or have a small studio all to yourself, there are endless, space-savvy furniture options to make your new apartment look great. With the right measurements and priorities in mind, you can piece together a living space that looks and feels like home. Read on for four handy tips on how to choose awesome apartment furniture.

Get Accurate Measurements

It’s always important to know how much space you’re working with. This ensures that you can buy apartment furniture that serves you well without overwhelming the available space. Don’t wait until moving day to get your apartment’s dimensions — contact your property management company or landlord ahead of time to get the measurements you need. Having these ahead of time means you can get a jumpstart on your shopping and be prepared for move-in day. For example, if your bedroom is 10 feet by 12 feet, you know that a 76-inch-by-80-inch king bed will fit, but space will be tight for the rest of your bedroom furniture.


Prioritize Your Purchases

You might be tempted to splurge on decor, but make sure you have all your necessities first. Instead of buying everything at once, prioritize your furniture needs and make purchases in phases. This strategy will be easy on your wallet while giving you the basics from day one. Start by furnishing your bedroom–if you have nothing else in your apartment, you should at least have a place to sleep. A bed frame, a mattress, and a chest of drawers will make you feel at home quickly and provide a comfy place to sleep from the get-go. Once you’ve nailed down your bedroom furniture, move on to kitchenware, then living room furniture.


Decide On Colors

Many apartments — especially if they’re rentals —have neutral colors schemes. If your landlord won’t let you paint, it’s up to your furniture and decor to put a personal style stamp on the space. Usually, dark brown, black, grey, and white are your best bets for high-style furniture that doesn’t clash with apartment colors. When you do an initial walk through of your new place, take pictures of every room. These pictures will help you match furniture to the wall and carpet colors as you shop.


Choose Functional Pieces

Chances are you have a little less space to work with in an apartment than you do in a house. Or, perhaps your space just has a unique layout. In these cases, your furniture should be functional and work to maintain a streamlined space. For example, an overstuffed sectional will feel more overwhelming than a chic mid-century style sofa. Another important aspect of functional furniture is mobility. Furniture with exposed legs and a less heavy base is easier to move when you want to freshen up your apartment with a new arrangement. Look for low-profile seating, minimalist coffee tables, and storage carts and ottomans with wheels to make the most of your living space.