How to Choose Fun Kids’ Furniture

How to Choose Fun Kids’ Furniture

Kids are only young once, so let them have fun. Kids' furniture doesn't need to be serious, as long as it is safe and meets their needs. From beds shaped like sports cars to chairs shaped like crowns, fun kids' furniture helps children feel like their bedrooms are their safety zones. Be sure to let your child participate in choosing furniture, especially if you're helping a toddler transition from a crib to a big bed.

Choosing Fun Kids’ Furniture:


Choose a Theme

Your child’s bedroom theme could be as simple as his or her favorite colors or as specific as a favorite cartoon character. Use this decision to help you and your child narrow down all other choices.


Customize Furniture to Tie Together Your Theme

While you may choose a simple kids’ dresser, you can easily replace the knobs with custom knobs shaped like basketballs or hearts. A canopy adds excitement to your child’s bed; use a light canopy for a princess bedroom or heavier mosquito net for a jungle-theme room.


Mix Colors for a Vibrant Palette

Look for pieces of furniture that have several colors; kids will love to see them all in their rooms. For example, storage shelves with bins in every color of the rainbow would be perfect in a young child’s room. If you are decorating based on your child’s favorite color, look for a few pieces in a complementary color (the color directly across from it on the color wheel) to add fun.


Mix Fun Pieces with More Practical Items

If you’d like some of the furniture to last until your child leaves for college, try mixing fun pieces with more grown-up items. For example, you could use a more traditional bed but get a small desk that is painted in a playful design. Your child may outgrow the desk, but he or she may sleep in that bed when they come back to visit you for decades after they grow up.


Use Playful Accent Pieces to Decorate on a Budget

Kids will likely outgrow their fun furniture, so if your budget won’t allow for replacements after only a few years, stick to classic pieces for the bed, dresser, and desk. Then add the theme and bright colors in other pieces, like a child-size accent chair.