How to Choose Flattering Sunglasses



Things You Need:

  • A mirror
  • A metric ruler or measuring tape

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories you wear because they protect your vision. Of course, you want your sunglasses to look good, too. When you're online shopping for sunglasses that will flatter your features, just follow these three simple steps.

Choosing Sunglasses:

  1. Determine the shape of your face. If you're not sure, look straight into a mirror and establish the outline you most resemble. Decide whether you have a round, oval, oblong, heart-shaped, or square face. To achieve a balanced look, you'll want to choose sunglasses that are the opposite shape of your face. So, for example, if you have a square jaw, you will look best with sunglasses that have rounded lenses. Or, if you have a long, narrow face, you will want to choose wrap sunglasses that give your face width.

  2. Figure out your size. Sunglasses look best when they fit your face. Too small of frames will make your face look heavy, frames that are too large could make you look like a little kid playing dress-up, and if you have a wide nose, you will need to be careful that your sunglasses don't pinch. Sunglass sizes have three numbers, all in millimeters: The first number is the width of one lens, the second number is the distance between the lenses (over the bridge of your nose), and the third number is the length of one arm of the sunglasses. The arm can usually be adjusted by an optician, but you'll need to find out how the first two numbers will fit on your face.

    How to Measure for Sunglasses

    • Stand in front of your mirror with your ruler or measuring tape and measure -- in millimeters -- the total width of your face across your eyes.

    • Next, measure the bridge of your nose to get the middle number in the size.

    • Subtract the width of bridge of your nose from the total width, and then divide that number in half to get your approximate lens size.

    • A millimeter is very small, so you can round up or down by 5 millimeters or so and still end up with a pair of sunglasses that will fit you well.

  3. Choose your favorite color. While lens colors like grey or green are best for driving and brown or amber lenses are best for sport sunglasses, the colors of the frames are all about what you like. If your style is more classic and subdued, stick to black plastic or silver metal frames. But if you like a little more flavor in your fashion, look for bright colors or the flash of gold on your sunglass frames.

Sunglasses Tip:

  1. Remember that, as long as you feel confident, you're sure to look great, no matter which sunglasses you choose.

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