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How to Choose Elegant Dining Room Furniture

How to Choose Elegant Dining Room Furniture

A dining room serves as a place where your friends and family come together for special occasions and intimate dinners. Dining room furniture that is elegant and stylish can go a long way toward enhancing these events. When you are online shopping for dining room furniture, consider these tips to help you find the pieces that will add the style and elegance you are looking for.

Choose Dining Room Furniture:


For a timeless look, make sure the pieces have matching design elements.

This includes color, details, formality, and overall style. For example, choose a dining table that has the same finish as the dining chairs. This extends to additional furniture, such as buffets or china cabinets. The continuity of the ensemble adds class and creates a cohesive look. Your decorative elements should also complement your dining room furniture. Pick picture frames and curtains that have similar colors, finishes, and style as your furniture.


Pick a wooden dining room furniture set.

Wood never goes out of style, and if you purchase your dining furniture as a set, you can ensure that the wood pieces will match. Darker stains are the best for an elegant theme. These woods and stains include mahogany, ebony, espresso, and cherry red. Ideally, the wood will have a sealant on it that adds shine to the wood. It shouldn’t be overly coated or look plastic, but it should have a slight reflection.


Pay attention to detail.

Poorly constructed dining furniture is easy to spot. Bolts and screws shouldn’t be visible. The table should be sturdy and have no obvious blemishes. The stain and color should be even the entire way around the table and chair set. For a truly elegant look, invest in buffets and dining room chairs and table that feature ornamental scrollwork.


Consider upholstery.

While an all-wood dining set works just as well, upholstered seating allows for customization and further matching with the overall room decor. Dark leather is a great option for dining room chairs. Upholstered seats also tend to be more comfortable. If you don’t want to have all fabric-covered chairs, consider using upholstered chairs only as the two chairs at each end of the table. If the upholstered chairs have wood legs, make sure it matches the wood of the table and other chairs.