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How to Choose Blu-ray Movies

by Kylie Keeler

Blu-ray movie

When you purchase your first Blu-ray player, you want to choose movies that show off the technology's strengths. Although you will most likely want to expand your collection to include those titles you previously owned on DVD, your best choice is to start purchasing those movies that will really show off Blu-ray's capabilities and will allow you to get your money's worth out of your player quickly. Many of the new releases available on Blu-ray include all the bells and whistles needed to allow you to enjoy your new player to the fullest. This article should help you learn how to choose Blu-ray movies.

Choosing Blu-ray Movies:

  1. Choose movies that pop. Choose movies that will allow you to test the 1080p resolution of your HDTV along with the surround sound of your sound system. Select movies with lush colors and powerful soundtracks that will turn your living room into a high-definition wonderland. Although superhero films and action-adventure titles might be the first movies that come to mind when you think of vibrant visuals and high-tech sound effects, don't neglect dramatic or animated films with sweeping scores and colors that pop.

  2. Read reviews. Read reviews of recently released Blu-ray movies by respected critics in the field as well as fellow consumers. Reviews of Blu-ray releases will tell you which movies are worth owning and which are better left for a rental night.

  3. Look for special features. Look for special features that aren't simple filler and instead add layers to the movie-watching experience. Although most Blu-ray releases will offer standard special features, such as director or star commentary tracks and trailer collections, some Blu-ray releases also offer interactive features. These special features allow you to interact with the movie via games, chats and other hands-on applications.

  4. Pick movies you'll watch again. Choose films that you know you'll enjoy repeatedly. It's easy to get caught up in all the tech talk when you first buy your Blu-ray player. However, if the movie itself isn't of interest to you, you aren't likely to watch it or use your new player.

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