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How to Choose between Laptops, Notebooks and Netbooks

by Paul Sanders

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The technology and options for computer users change every year. Laptops, notebooks and netbooks are continually offering you new options for staying connected and getting organized. When shopping for your next laptop or notebook computer, you may discover that you'll have a lot of specifications to consider. Laptops, notebooks and netbooks each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some points to remember when making an educated choice between laptops, notebooks and netbooks for you.

Comparing Laptop Computers:

  1. Size is a determining factor. Size may be one of the biggest selling points for laptops, notebooks and netbooks. Laptops can have screen sizes approaching 17 inches or larger, while netbooks can be as small as 7 inches. Which you choose may be a matter of convenience. Laptops, notebooks and netbooks are all portable, but netbooks certainly take compact computing to a new level. Still, an entertainment laptop with a large screen can really save you on those long flights.

  2. Netbooks may have fewer connection options. The whole point of laptops, notebooks and netbooks is to make your data and communication abilities more portable. Netbooks typically don't include an optical disc drive, however, opting for USB and Firewire ports instead. If you absolutely must have CD/DVD reading capability, a laptop may be more fitting. Nearly all laptops, notebooks and netbooks have wireless capability as well, so you can download data anywhere.

  3. Memory can differ between models. Memory and hard drive capacity are kind of a neutral point for selecting laptops, notebooks and netbooks. The amount of RAM and the size of the hard drive vary from model to model, so laptops, notebooks and netbooks could technically have the same amount of memory.

  4. Video capability differs between computers. You'll probably need to watch a video at some point with your computer. In addition, laptops, notebooks and netbooks can really help you out with multimedia business presentations. When it comes to video processing power, however, not all computers are created equal. Look at the graphics processing for laptops, notebooks and netbooks before you buy. Integrated graphics work for most situations, but a separate graphics processing unit (GPU) or video card will really give you great multimedia and entertainment ability.

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