How to Choose Bath Rugs and Bath Mats

It's not as simple as it sounds. Bath rugs and bath mats can make a huge difference in how your bathroom looks and can make your morning routine that much simpler or that much more of a hassle, depending on how well you match your habits to your bath mat or bath rug. Taking a little time to do some homework on bath rugs and bath mats can make the whole process of choosing a new bath mat or bath rug a lot easier and can ensure that you get just what you need for your unique bathroom.

Choosing Bath Rugs and Mats:

Measure your bathroom.

Don’t assume that you know the dimensions of your bathroom. A bath rug or bath mat may appear a lot larger or smaller online than it will look in your bathroom, or you simply may not have a great idea of the actual dimensions of your bathroom floor. Pull out the measuring tape and get some hard and fast numbers to use as you search for the right bath rugs.

Consider who will use the bath rugs or bath mats.

Will this bath mat used by a grandparent? You might want no-slip bath mats. Will this bath rug be for the kids’ bathroom? You probably want to look for brightly colored bath rugs or a bath rug that is easily washable. Maybe you’re looking for durable, cheap bath mats for a high-traffic bathroom or a unique bath mat for your own master bath. Taking a minute to think about how your bath mats or bath rugs will be used will make the decision process easier and faster.

Look at pictures of different bathrooms.

Pick up a couple bed and bath magazines or search online for pictures of the kind of bathroom you are buying for and see what kind of bath mats or bath rugs they use in their designs. If you aren’t sure what kind of bath mat you want, looking at photos can be a great way to get ideas and see what kinds of bath mats and bath rugs are out there. Bath rugs and bath mats come in a huge variety of styles and materials, so even if you have a good idea of what you want, you’ll probably see some bath rug and bath mat options that you didn’t know were available.

Read reviews of bath rugs and bath mats.

When you have a rough idea of what you are looking for, go to an online bath department and read reviews for several different bath rugs and bath mats in the style you want. Make sure you don’t just read the five-star reviews. Often you can find out the most pertinent information about bath rugs or bath mats or different brands by reading the more critical reviews.

Choose your bath mat or bath rug.

You know whether you’re looking for long bath rugs for the kids’ bathroom or a short bath mat and whether you’re looking for a 100 percent cotton bath rug for the guest bathroom or a non-slip shower mat for grandma. You also know from reviews that brand A is less durable than brand B or that bath rugs in this fabric hold up better in the wash than bath rugs in that fabric. All that’s left is to search around and find the best deal on the perfect bath mats or bath rugs.

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