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How to Choose an Air Bed

by Staff Writer

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An air bed can make sleeping a lot more pleasant, whether for your in-laws when they visit or when you go camping. Inflatable air mattresses can eliminate an awkward and sometimes painful attempt of trying to sleep on the ground. And not only are air beds comfortable; they're versatile and very portable, too. And with an air bed, you can turn a home office into a guest bedroom without the cost or space required with a traditional bed.

Choosing an Air Bed:

  1. Consider where it will be used. Are you looking for an inflatable bed to pull out for overnight guests, or will your air bed be used outdoors? If you are using it inside your home, the air mattress won't need to be made of as thick a material as if you were using it outdoors. You also have more options for the type of air-bed pump you get. Air beds used outdoors need to be made from thicker plastic to prevent punctures caused by rocks or thorns.

  2. Consider who will be sleeping on it. Who will usually be sleeping on your raised air bed? This should be a factor in the air bed you choose. Kids don't need as much support as adults do, so a thinner air mattress should be fine. Older adults will enjoy the comfort of a thick, raised air bed.

  3. Consider size. If you are using your air bed for camping, make sure the dimensions of the mattress will fit inside the floor space of the tent. If your inflatable bed will be used in the home, think about what sort of mattress fits the room you will likely be using it in. If the room allows, you might consider getting the next larger size than you would like in a traditional mattress. The inflatable design and slick materials used in some inflatable mattresses can make it easier to roll off of at night.

Air Bed Tip:

  1. Using a memory foam mattress topper can greatly improve the comfort and support your air mattress provides.

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