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Choosing an Adirondack Chair for Your Outdoor Space

Choosing an Adirondack Chair for Your Outdoor Space

With the perfect Adirondack chair, your outdoor space becomes an idyllic place for relaxation. Its classic, beach-inspired style flaunting a slatted seat and back calls to mind white shores, lighthouses, and cozy harbor towns. Learn about various features, styles, chair seat heights, types, and materials to discover just the right Adirondack chair for you.

Adirondack Chair Sizes

Adirondack chairs are known for their low-slung frames. If you’re 6 feet or more, make sure you can stand up easily by choosing a chair with a seat of at least 15 inches. A high-back Adirondack chair provides taller people the extra support needed for a nap in the sun, and models with deep seats add extra space for guests with long legs. Shorter people are usually more comfortable with a seat height of 13 or 14 inches.

When choosing a chair size, consider your outdoor space. Adirondack chairs typically range from 28 to 34 inches wide and 35 to 38 inches deep, but smaller sizes are available. If you have a compact patio or balcony, look for a size that leaves about 2 feet of open space to walk.

Adirondack Chair Materials


Wood Adirondack chairs celebrate the design’s handcrafted origins, making your patio feel like a rustic forest retreat. Hardwoods such as acacia offer exceptional durability and lend an exotic look that doesn’t darken over the years. Solid wood Adirondack chairs boast a robust, heavy build that lasts a long time.


If easy maintenance is your top priority, plastic and resin Adirondack chairs resist rotting and clean easily with soap and water. Plastic is also lightweight, which is handy when you need to carry the chairs in and out of storage or reposition them around your yard. High-density polyethylene materials such as POLYWOOD are made with UV-inhibited pigments to ensure a brilliant color depth and resist fading, even if you leave them outdoors year-round. These chairs usually mimic the classy look of wood without the need for painting or staining. Plus, they’re the eco-friendly choice.


If you want an outdoor chair that’s lightweight and simple to maintain, an aluminum Adirondack is a sturdy choice. Tough high-grade stainless steel hardware enhance the durability of these chairs.

Adirondack Chair Styles

Back Style

Most Adirondack chairs use a similar design, but the shape of the backrest adds a distinctive flair. Traditional Adirondack chairs typically feature planked backrests with a curved top edge. This versatile style complements mountain cabins and suburban homes alike. Scalloped tops soften the style, creating a romantic effect that suits a cottage garden.

If your home has a sleek, clean exterior, extend the aesthetic to your patio with a modern Adirondack chair with a rectangular back. Wide-plank models have a minimalist vibe that fits in naturally with your existing modern patio furniture. Some chairs use horizontal planks or geometric frames to put a fresh twist on the classic design.

Do you live in a warm climate? Adirondack chairs with splayed slats allow maximum airflow and keep your back dry on hot summer days.


Adirondack chairs come in a rainbow of colors to suit your preferred palette. Evoke the feeling of a seaside escape with blue and white chairs, or tie in the colors of your trees and patio plants with varying shades of green. If you want to make a traditional patio feel more bold and edgy, look for a traditional silhouette in a deep shade of black. Brown Adirondack chairs conceal dirt, so they look fresh between cleanings.


Typically weatherproof, Adirondack chairs withstand exposure to the elements without peeling, rotting, or cracking, making them perfect for year-round use. Water-resistant finishes protect your chair through many seasons.

The finish you choose can affect both the style and maintenance of your Adirondack chair. Stained chairs showcase the knots and grain pattern of the wood, but you may need to seal the surface periodically to maintain the color depth. Painted wood chairs offer the durability of wood and the color depth of plastic; make sure to place them in the shade to prevent fading.

Can’t find the right finish to match your trim or outdoor rugs? Choose an unfinished Adirondack chair that you can paint or stain. Alternatively, leave the wood bare, and allow the elements to weather the surface to a soft shade of gray.

Features of Adirondack Chairs

Select an Adirondack chair that’s tailored to your relaxation style with special features such as cup holders that provide spill-proof drink storage. Or, when you invite friends for summer afternoon cocktails, chairs with cushions enable everyone to settle in comfortably. Reclining Adirondack chairs with a built-in footrest make it easy to stretch out. You can bathe in warm sunlight early in the morning, using the easily adjustable back to help you find your most comfortable position. See blow for more feature considerations.

Frame Design

Adirondack rocking chairs create a gentle motion that helps you relax and decompress as you watch the sunset after work. Models with rounded front edges reduce pressure on your legs, making it easy to read for hours. If you want to sit with your feet in the surf, look for lightweight chairs with folding frames — they collapse flat, so you can carry them to the beach and store them in the trunk for the ride home.

Adirondack Chairs With Ottomans

If you’re looking forward to long afternoons by the pool, lounge-style models and Adirondack chairs with included ottomans enable you to stretch out. A small space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the head-to-toe support; look for models with pull-out ottomans that slide back into the frame between uses, leaving extra room for foot traffic.

Adirondack Chair Sets

Furnish a seating area with sets of two or four Adirondack chairs to quickly create a comfortable conversation area. Some sets come with side tables or coffee tables, giving you a spot to rest your plate during casual dinners al fresco. Fire pit sets turn your backyard into a hotspot for summer s’mores parties and crisp fall bonfires.

With their full-height backrests and deep seats, Adirondack chairs turn your porch or patio into a relaxing retreat. Ready to bring the sandy beach vibe to your very own backyard? As you choose the right Adirondack chair for your outdoor space, shop your patio furniture at Overstock to get free shipping* on every order.