How to Choose a TV Wall Mount

How to Choose a TV Wall Mount

One of the great things about high-definition television sets is that they are flat enough to mount easily on a wall. This can save a lot of space in your living room or bedroom that formerly would have been taken up by a giant tube television. It is important to note that not every television mount will be of the same quality. There are a number of things you need to consider before purchasing a TV wall mount.

Choosing TV Wall Mounts:


Check your television’s specifications.
Get a wall mount that is compatible with the exact specifications of your television. Most wall mounts are designed to fit televisions of a specific size and weight. If your wall mount can only support up to a 32-inch TV and you try to put a 50-inch TV on it, there is a good chance that your expensive television will come crashing to the floor. Make sure you check the specifications on the wall mount’s packaging and buy one that can support the height and weight of your television.


Choose the amount of swivel.
Decide whether you want your wall mount to swivel or remain stationary. Most wall mounts can perform one of these two functions. While it may be nice to have a TV that sits on the wall and doesn’t move, a swivel mount can be good for situations where you need the TV to be pointed in another direction, such as at large social gatherings.


Decide whether you want a mount with an arm.
Certain wall mounts hang the television close to the wall like a picture frame. Other wall mounts have an arm that keeps the television out a few inches from the surface of the wall. Decide which of these two methods will work best in your home.


Consider the price.
While that cheap wall mount may seem like it’ll do the job just as well as any other mount, are you willing to take the chance that it is of a high enough quality to hold up your expensive television set? Make sure you don’t overpay for a wall mount but at the same time, don’t buy cheap materials.

TV Wall Mounting Tip

Consider buying tubing or some other device to hide any wires that may be coming from and to the television. Once the television is mounted on the wall, any wires from DVD or Blu-Ray players or video game consoles will be very noticeable. Consider how you are going to hide these wires to improve the look of your system.