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How to Choose a Serta Mattress



If your mattress is making it hard to sleep, try a new Serta mattress. Waking up with aches and sore muscles is a signal that your mattress is beginning to wear out. Standard spring mattresses can begin to lose shape after only five to seven years, causing loss of support that can lead to back problems and weakened joints. To stop sleepless nights, turn to one of America's most trusted brands. Serta mattresses go through rigorous testing processes to make sure that the mattress you purchase will last longer and support you better than other mattresses. Here are a few helpful tips on figuring out how to choose a Serta mattress.

Choosing a Serta Mattress:

  1. Think about the pros and cons of your old mattress. Before picking out a new Serta mattress, decide what you want from a new bed. Buying a new mattress gives you the chance to change the things you didn't like about your old mattress, potentially giving you a better night's sleep for years to come. There are several things that can factor into your decision to get a new mattress, such as size, firmness, and your sleeping pattern, so write them down and start shopping.

  2. Consider future needs. Buying a new Serta mattress will require some planning on your part. When you're deciding whether to purchase a twin, full, queen, or king-size bed, think about who will be sleeping on it and where it will go. Twin and full-size mattresses are great for children graduating from a crib to a real bed, but may not provide enough space for teens and adults to sleep comfortably. If you live in a small space but are planning to move in the coming years, consider investing in a slightly larger mattress that you can still use in the future.

  3. Single out materials. There are several Serta mattress models to choose from. If you want a mattress that will last longer and provide more support for your spine, try a Serta memory foam mattress. If you tend to get hot while sleeping, you may want to trade the heat-trapping memory foam mattress for a standard spring mattress that provides greater ventilation and can still be supportive thanks to Serta's innerspring technology advancements.

  4. Think about extras. The last thing to consider when purchasing a new Serta mattress is the additional features you want. Pillowtop is a luxurious extra that can be found on both standard and memory foam mattresses. If you prefer a softer mattress, pillowtop will be a dream come true. If you need a new box spring in addition to your mattress, look for a Serta mattress set that provides both the mattress and the support. Other extras could include a mattress pad or special warranty.

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